Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flying Purple People Eater

Not really...but it is one of the many kites at Montrose Harbor today in conjunction with the Mayor's "Kids and Kites" festival going on right now 'til 4pm.

A reader took the above photo today at the festival and linked to it in the comments. What a exhilarating sight!

Update: A reader writes, "What a great event! They had DJ's from Ranger Sound in Bensenville, Mike Jones & Doug Nichols - they kept the festive, upbeat music going all day long. Robinson's Ribs, Whole Foods and quite a few other booths too including face painting which the kids were crazy about. They had a guy on stilts and it was really, really windy so it was great fun just to watch him!" Click here for video of the kite festival, courtesy of reader "ThePointAndShootist."


  1. Fest was much better this year, wind was much better than last year.
    But so gusty that I lost my kite in about 9 minutes:

  2. We took the dogs and headed over for this amazing event. The sky was ablaze with hundreds of kites,
    a few really large Oriental type kits, swarms of beautifully colored, smaller kites.

    Kids of all ages were having a wonderful time flying their kits, untangling the kite string, even rescuing kites from trees! We are truly blessed to have this big open stretch of land, beach, harbor and bird santuary.

  3. I watched it from my roof by LSD and it looked the best I have seen it in the past years. Glad to see nice things for a chnage in our area.............