Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nothing But Noise

It all started with this email:


I was wondering if there’s any info regarding traffic noise enforcement regarding this issue. I was repeatedly awakened for hours last night due to the noise from motorcycles drag racing on LSD, which will continue all summer. With the amount of people living along the drive, why can’t we get some enforcement during the overnight hours?

To which we replied:

Call or write Ald. Shiller's office and ask about it. The reason being, she takes great pride in (and constantly tells the lakefront voters) that she wrote a law specifically about the loud cyclists on the Drive.
Since she is proud of the ordinance (click here to read more) you should tell her office about your situation and see what can be done. Let us know what she says. We sniff a great UU story.

The latest from our reader:

Amazing! After an email then a voice mail, I have heard NOTHING from Ald. Shiller’s office.


  1. Is the complaint about the noise of the drag racing, or the fact that drag racing occurs?

    Only one stems from the other.

    I'd hope the focus is on the cause (drag racing), and not the affect (noise).

    This should also not be pinned solely on motorcycles, but cars as well.

  2. I'm the writer of the email. The complaint is about the noise stemming from the behavior. Eliminate the behavior, eliminate the noise.

    You are correct when you say certain cars are a noise problem as well. They should be included in the complaint.

  3. I used to live on the lakefront. I can't count the number of times a wolfpack of motorcycles would come racing down the Drive at 3am, waking everyone in the household.

    I question why Ald. Shiller, who used to come to our building at election time and talk about her powerful legislation to curb motorbike racing on the Drive, hasn't seen fit to answer the original email and phone call about the noise complaint.

  4. Unfortunately, the reality that comes down the pipe is that the general public's and elected officals' answer to problems like this are to try and regulate/restrict components of the vehicles rather than the actions of riders/drivers.

    Bsed upon the article linked in UU's response, credit would have to go to Ald. Shiller for pinning the fault on the guilty individuals, as opposed to the vehicle associated with the incident.

  5. I live by LSD and the Montrose harbor. All summer the noise I hear sounds so loud if you shut your eyes you would swear you where at a race track or disco. I live on the 25th and their boom boxes all summer shake the windows. When I am on the phone I am asked if I am talking from a outside phone...I say its better then gun-shots others have to deal with in the uptown area....