Friday, May 15, 2009

A Nice UU Anniversary Present From The CPD

A reader writes in with this GREAT news:

"I drove by at lunch (Sheridan and Lawrence) and saw a city truck and workers, when I came back about 1PM the 'long promised' flashing blue light camera is up – Southeast corner."


  1. YayyyyYY! That makes me v. happy!

    But look for the garbage to spread to Leland...

  2. As someone who lives right by there I am glad to hear about this long overdue development!

    You'd think that after a homicide there last summer and several incidents over the last few months that this camera would have been up sooner.

  3. The only thing that would be more awesome than the sort of progress we've seen recently, would be the sort of progress that we didn't have to guilt or embarrass our aldermen into promoting.

    I like it, don't get me wrong. I just would have liked it some time ago. Like, BEFORE someone was shot down in that area.

  4. Don't get too excited; there's still quite a bit of garbage at Wilson and Magnolia despite the blue lights in the sky.

    Oh, there's already plenty of garbage on Leland..

  5. I sure hope it does something!!! I work a day a week at that Japanese garden at Sheridan and Lawrence and can't believe what goes on at that intersection during the day! I worry about the safety of the little Japanese ladies who walk around there!

  6. Yes even thou I live by montrose and marine I am glad to see soemthing is getting done. I hope it cleans up the garbage. Pretty soon they need one at Clarendon park as I see alot of garbage in the area starting to come too. Its spreading fast as the warmer weather takes hold and I will be calling 911 every chance I get to fight these punks from taking over our area here.....

  7. Just passed that intersection the other day and couldn't believe all the shady characters hanging around that corner. You would have thought they were giving things away for free. I also agree that a camera is needed in Clarendon Park. It's another huge problem area. I live across the street.

  8. Please don't fool yourselves. These blue light CPD cameras do nothing and I mean nothing. Daley talks big about them because people feel better and think they are a viable tool in fighting crime. WRONG!!!!!! and I'm speaking from first hand experience. Ray Nagin Mayor of New Orleans turned on Daley to these cameras years ago. Daley has hyped it as almost like having a copper on the corner. This is nothing more than fake appeasement.

  9. According to a ChicagoCopWatch article, these pretty blinking things cost over 35K a year, to install and maintain. Are they meant to replace, or supplement traditional 'beat cops'?

    I know London's cameras have made a difference. But one wonders if Chicago's efforts are all fluff.

    Are there any stats on crimes solved, by these things?

    I've seen so many hookers, and/or groups of people meandering around the corner of Wilson and Magnolia.