Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kahawa House Needs Your Support

I'm Zen, the host of both the Thursday night 7PM open mic and the Sunday 4-7PM jamboree. Kahawa House (838 W. Montrose) is not just a place to get great coffee and share the warm and open vibe. It's a place that is recreating the same kind of artistic vibe of historic coffee houses where various artists influenced each other before they became influential icons.

I've been the host of the open mic for months now. I've seen all manner of talent come in to perform. I can make this prediction with great confidence: If Kahawa is supported it will be known as an incubator for outstanding artists. It's already becoming one. For that reason alone people must support it. Support Kahawa House and you're supporting the arts.

One young artist who is often playing music at Kahawa is soon releasing a CD. His music is already being played in Kenya. Come see him and many other up-and-comers perform while you eat great sandwiches and sip on a Barack O'Caramel.

Also, if you feel as I do about the need for this place to survive, then please come by Kahawa and talk to me and our resident photographer so that we can put you in an article we're writing about Kahawa House. We'd love to know what you love about it and how you see it accentuating the mega-diverse Uptown neighborhood!

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  1. Too bad this was posted when it was. I think the Lawrence and Sheridan mess really overshadowed what could have been another positive focal point for UU.

  2. Nothing new in Uptown. There seems to always be a mess to overshadow all the goods things that hardly ever get enough exposure. I live close to the Kahawa House and I really like it and am glad it opened around where I live...

  3. I love this place, but what I think is really holding it back is visibility. If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't know it was there.

    Since it is in an area without commerce, it just looks like the lobby of the apartment building above it. People walking by miss it entirely.

    The sign in the window is not visable and the sandwich bored gets lost. An awning or al fresco seating would help immensely. Especially with summer time and the all the beach goers.

    It's great that Kahawa House provides wonderful food, drinks, hospitality and events....but no one is gonna experience it if it's hidden on the street.

    Just a suggestion from a fan