Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Future Of Uptown Synagogue Unknown

We were saddened to read of the problems the Congregation Agudas Achim, at 5029 N Kenmore, is having. We, and many readers, remember joining them in solidarity and services when their building was the victim of a hate crime. We also remember that it was their decision to not dispute "Big Chicks" operating with a liquor license within a certain distance of their synagogue that made it possible for the business to stay open.

Read all about it in the Tribune:

Rabbi Fired, Synagogue Shuttered, Congregation Worried
New immigrants worry about what will happen without beloved rabbi


  1. That's really quite a shame. It's a beautiful building. I wonder what will happen to the building. It's already in pretty bad shape. It should be preserved or something like the Uptown theater.

  2. I spent an amazing afternoon touring this synagogue with Rabbi Lefkowitz a few years ago. He's a very kind and generous man. He saw me poking around outside trying to peak through the windows. And he invited me inside for a personal tour of this grand space. It's an important piece of Chicago's cultural history.