Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calling All Coffee Shops, Taverns & Winebars!

The Uptown Broadway Building at 4707 N. Broadway is looking for tenants in the southernmost ground-level retail space. This space would be ideal for a wine bar or coffee/tea house (hello Julius Meinl, Caribou Coffee, Peet's or Argo Tea?). Danny Spitz of @Properties sends us this diagram showing how this triangular retail space could be divided up for potential retailers. Note the possibility of 88 seats in an outdoor seating area on Broadway. We encourage our readers to forward this post to any bar owner, restaurant operator or coffee/tea shop they can think of.
To make it a bit easier, click the links below for the businesses mentioned above (or your own idea) and fire off an email. Be sure to link back to this post and mention @Properties real estate agent Danny Spitz who can be reached at 312-334-8394.
Contact Caribou Coffee
Julius Meinl
Argo Tea (once on site, click "contact" at the bottom)
Peet's Coffee & Tea


  1. Can a food/drink business get a live-entertainment license if they locate in this building? A low-key cabaret on the order of Uncommon Ground would be nice.

    Or heck, maybe a sports bar.

  2. Not to sound negative.

    But for what they are asking per Square Feet and these economic times I don't look for that space to fill up anytime soon.

    A lot of bars opened all over Chicago in the last 2 years and aren't doing that great.

    People are spending less money going out. Plus there is only so much population to go around.

  3. In difficult economic times, bars and churches are always the last places standing.

  4. So if that is true people go out more in tough economic times then why have almost every bar raised their prices in the last 6 months?

    You forget Crook County has the highest sales tax in the nation.

  5. I would LOVE to see a Panera Bread on the north end of the building.

  6. I agree with "R" what they are asking per Square Foot in this economy is a little high... especially for Uptown. It is not as if this is a hustle and bustle of Halsted in Boystown, or Broadway in Andersonville.

    I know the owner of the building has spent a number of years and I am sure countless thousands, if not millions of dollars to renovate this building, but you can not expect to get your money back quickly when everyone is hurting financially!

  7. We have lowered the price and it is negotiable - if someone is interested in the space - come on by and we can discuss all options.

    There should be no reason to steer away - we are willing to make something happen here.

  8. can we stop with the suburban colonization requests? argo tea? panera? i thought uu supported _local_ business.