Sunday, May 10, 2009

CPNA Meeting Wednesday, May 13

From Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association: We are having a meeting next Wednesday, May 13th at 8pm at Clarendon park fieldhouse. The meeting will take place directly after the monthly CAPS meeting which starts at 7pm. Please try to attend both. Topics will include:
  • Maryville Development - the Task Force has met w/ the developers and the Alderman 3 times and we will provide an update on negotiations.
  • Public Safety/Neighborhood Watch
  • Dog Park update and next steps
  • Block Party planning
  • Open forum for questions


  1. Concerned residents as myself should attend from the Montrose and Clarendon area. The wilson yard development is bad enough yet to let Helen Schiller get her hands on another piece of prime property as Maryville and build more of what we do not want or need by by our homes. Enough is enough of Helens reckless planning in our neighborhood..........

  2. Umm, could that actually be Wednesday, May 13? Just for clarification.

  3. Oops, you are correct, Chuck. The change has been made. That's what we get sometimes from copying and pasting.