Friday, May 22, 2009

Collapsed Catch Basins

Two of Uptown's three aldermen have addressed the issue of collapsing catch basins in their wards. Ald. Smith (48th Ward) says that there are 56 in her ward, and that they are being worked on as quickly as the city can get to them. She asks residents to call 311 to report any they may see.

Ald. Schulter (47th Ward) says: "I also want to take this opportunity to ask for your help in locating all of the broken or sinking catch basins on the streets. My staff has been surveying the entire ward this past week, but please assist us by sending an email to with a listing of any broken catch basins that you have seen on the street. The picture [here] is an example of a broken catch basin."

We're sure it's just an oversight that Ald. Shiller (46th) hasn't addressed the catch basin issue yet, and hasn't even sent out an email newsletter to the people she works for lately. Feel free to email her office at to report any problems. Or call 311. Or write to Ald. Schulter, who seems to actually want to hear about them. Maybe his staff can take care of things.


  1. I was Shiller cared as much as you do then maybe things would be so different and not being ruined as much as it is in our 46th ward.....

  2. it should be done by now. Damn.

    Well, the city is offically aware of it.

  3. Catch basins and sinkholes in Uptown are not a problem. They are an opportunity.

    I just imagined a news conference featuring our beloved Aldercritter and Da corrupt Leprechaun in Chief, 'Da Mare", announcing that where ever a sinkhole appears in Uptown or a catch basin collapses a special 50 foot TIF district will be created to provide low income housing. Peter Holsten will be announced as the developer and the cost to the taxpayers per "unit" should be around $120,000.

    Holsten will be purchasing tents and poles from REI and installing them at a very fair profit. Holsten will also find a "minority contractor" to take part in this deal. By "minority" I mean someone related by blood or marriage to an important elected official. I mean think about it. Daley's nephews are a minority. There absolute number is likely under 20. Not a big number in a city of 3 million.

    Don't complain folks. After all that is a bargain compared to Wilson Yard.

    I for one welcome our corrupt overseers.