Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Wilson L Miracle

Goodbye, blighted signage! Just one piece of painted plywood advertising the Wilson Broadway Mall remains at the northernmost point of the Wilson L. Removing this was one of our many suggestions to bring our historic station back to life. Now that the sign is gone, a mystery remains. Can any longtime Uptown resident confirm if there used to be one long window at this point? You can see how this was bricked over a long time ago. It appears to be too narrow for a door. Notice the detail that has been exposed just under the sign. Ahh, the little things that bring us joy.


  1. I am not a long term resident (and so this is only an educated guess) but it appears to match the thin window at the corner to the right of the entrance in this photo

  2. I been around here for over 30 years and if i recall there was a colored window of some type I recall. I passed it alot of times and thats what i remember but don`t hold me to it as I can only remember it being so........

  3. What a gorgeous photo, that 'physically knotted' linked. Thanks for that.

    That old photo makes me think I live in a civilized place.
    Flash forward to the urine-soaked door-ways, the 'citation-ridden' PopEye's, and the 'lotion-lady' vendor across the street, and it's a cold slap in the face of today's Uptown.

  4. I personally liked this particular "blighted signage." They remind me of Belize.