Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Popeye's Got The Big Green Sign

A press release from the City. Best not to read if you're eating.
City Health Department Shuts North Side Popeye’s Chicken : Hair in Chicken Leads to Discovery of Critical Violations

A Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits restaurant on the North Side remains closed today after Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) inspectors shut it down last Friday.

Located at 4604 N. Broadway, the restaurant was shut down after Health Department inspectors discovered a broken walk-in cooler that was no colder than 49 degrees Fahrenheit (nine degrees warmer than the 40 degrees required), food inside the walk-in cooler at unsafe temperatures (including raw chicken, macaroni and cheese, and gravy), two clogged sinks, a clogged toilet that overflowed when flushed, no hot water at any sinks, and rat feces in a basement storage area.

“Conditions like these are entirely unacceptable,” stated CDPH Commissioner Terry Mason, M.D. “This business will remain closed until it has been cleaned up and brought back into compliance with our city’s public health regulations.”

The inspection was triggered by a customer who called 311 to report finding a hair in his chicken. Inspectors found that all food handlers were failing to wear hair restraints, as required.

The enforcement action was the 72nd time in 2009 that Health Department inspectors have shut a food establishment for violations of the Chicago Health Code. In addition to being closed down, representatives from Popeye’s will have to explain themselves at an administrative hearing on May 21and pay a fine expected to total $3,250.

Chicagoans who believe that a restaurant or other food establishment is operating in an unsafe manner are encouraged to dial 311 and report it.


  1. MMMM. Love that Chicken at PopeYes. But in no way is it finger lickn' good.

  2. Just put that place out of it's misery.
    Even in a spotless, perfectly run Popeyes you are putting your health at risk eating that garbage.

  3. Put it out of OUR misery.

    Enough is enough. Shut 'er down.

  4. couldn't pay me to grab a soda from there, much less eat there...ick

  5. I believe this is the third time in past few years. I remember photographing the green sign on their door in May, 2008 when they were shut down for about a month. By the way, that hot dog stand across the street, under the El tracks, is next to a long-empty bulding where rats go in and out under a big gap in the front door. Helen Shiller's office is on the same block - why hasn't she called inspectors in to see to that?

  6. Really, bp?> When I drove past there around 1pm today, it still had the green "suspended" note on the door.

  7. I walked by Popeyes this evening and that the green sign is still up. There is a white sign announcing extended hours which must be what buenapk saw.

  8. Thats what happens when the business is left to a bouch of punks that run it. The owner should be there to reallt see what and how his workers work or don`t work. I hope they close them down for good........