Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fix Wilson Yard Events

Raise a glass and raise some funds!

Don't forget that tonight is the "Fix Wilson Yard Spring Fling" fundraiser at Unique So Chique, 4600 North Magnolia. Enjoy the end of the tax season with a glass of wine and a chocolate truffle. $20 at the door gets you in, between 7-9pm.

Fix Wilson Yard also announces an informational free meeting, followed by Happy Hour on Thursday, April 30th at 7pm. Come find out what's the latest in the residents' unprecedented lawsuit against the City of Chicago regarding how two-thirds of our property tax money is spent. Holiday Club (Irving Park and Sheridan) is providing the snacks for free, and will donate a whopping 50% of the bar tab to Fix Wilson Yard.


  1. Great Time! Met a lot of folks from the neighborhood and ate lots of chocolate truffles in spite of my chocolate allergy. And we had a surprise guest. A very young man (all of 23) who came to support our neighborhood endeavor and was very open about his displeasure with our poor leadership. What made him so special, other than his young age? He trekked all the way from the south loop without the company of friends to rally with us. And to think of those right in our own neighborhood who didn't go because they had "a long day at work."

  2. Actually, Chuck, I went BECAUSE of a long day at work! The thoughts of wine and cheese were all that got me through the day. Agree with you, a fine time was had.

  3. It is surprising that so few stake holders show up to support the perservation of Uptown. If -God forbid- the case goes south for lack of support we all will pay dearly when we decide to sell. Ask yourself; would YOU move into an area with a huge housing project?

  4. I'll be at the FWY happy hour at Holiday Club and am bringing friends.