Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uptown Restaurant Reviews From The 1930s

Recognize the building in this photo as the beautiful one at the corner of Wilson and Clifton that is now home to Nick's on Wilson and 7-Eleven? Back in the 1930s it was home to "Skooglund's Cafeteria" and according to this postcard it's "The Place Where Things Taste So Good." Our friends at Uptown Chicago History have a fascinating look at Uptown restaurant reviews from the 1930's that is not to be missed. Check it out here.


  1. If you eat at the ice cream parlor in the pink building at Bryn Mawr and Sheridan, you can go into the halls of the co-op, which is the only remaining part of the Edgewater Beach Hotel. They've kept the original decorating style and there are a couple big displays of hotel memorabilia. It's a nice blast from the past.

  2. If you eat ice cream from one entrance to the old Skoogland's Cafeteria, you're eating a fine 7-11 product.

    Be careful if someone offers you ice cream from the other entrance to Skoogland's. It may not really be "ice cream" and the police may suddenly question you about your "ice cream" purchase, thanks to neighborhood vigilance.