Friday, April 3, 2009

Uptown Neighborhood On An Upswing

By Jeffrey Steele, Special to the Tribune
There was a time, in its Roaring '20s heyday, when Uptown lived up to its name in more than one way. Yes, it stood higher than the Loop on the Chicago city map, but it also represented a glamorous step up from much of the rest of the Windy City.

In his book, "Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods," author and Tribune reporter Ron Grossman recaptures that age. "Between the World Wars, Wilson and Sheridan marked the center of what the Chicagoan magazine of the day called 'a city within a city,' a glittery district dotted with big movie palaces, fancy department stores and dance halls hosting Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers, Jan Garber and all the other famous names of the swing era." Continue Reading
(photo: Strannik45 on Flickr)


  1. Can you use the word "embedded" in reference to people, as Ald. Shiller was quoted? I've only heard that word used to refer to inanimate objects.

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  3. Zesty,

    embedded can be used to describe reporters working alongside the military in Afghanistan. It can be used to describe American troops working aside Afghan troops.

    It can be used to describe Shiller and Daley: "Alderman Shiller is politically embedded with Mayor Daley."

    It can also be used to describe me and hookers. Which brings us back to the preceding paragraph.

    Remember the words of convicted Alderman Troutman: "All Alderman are Ho's." Unlike ho's though, alderman pretend not to be screwing you.

  4. Wholly unthrilled by this article.

    While a pretty piece on the area and demonstrating progress, the Trib mentions nothing of the political issues which are retarding growth.

    I thought I heard rumor, somewhere, about some lawsuit or something. Maybe that was Rogers Park.

    But, hey .. the Trib needs to protect their vested interests, I guess. Cubs fans need to park somewhere.

  5. Welcome back Irish Pirate. I see a good vacation doesn't break the UU habit. It never has for me either.

    As for yo, did you seriously think that they would mention the Wilson Yard lawsuit? I have completely given up any hope that the Trib or the Sun-Times will cover that story after they gave the press conference a measly sentence that didn't even include the word TIF. It always strikes me as bizarre that newspapers forget that their readership is made up of READERS. We are looking for more in-depth information than can be conveyed in a TV report and we have a capacity to follow issues over time. Maybe if they saw their readers as intelligent they would write more intelligent stories. can dream!

  6. Sassy,

    The IrishPirate, I like to speak of myself in the 3rd person, will be leaving once agin'. He'll probably spend more time away from Uptown than in Uptown for the next year or so. Which is sad in April and nice in January.

    Since internet access is available in the IrishPirate's undisclosed location he will be checking in frequently. He is trying to avoid posting quite as much for his own sanity and those of UU's faithful readers.

    The IrishPirate is a news junkie, could care less about spectator sports, and outside of chasing hookers it is his only enjoyable activity.

  7. A collective sigh of relief was heard from all of Uptown's ladies in alternative lines of work.

    Of course, now all of the prices are going up ;)

  8. Well, as much as there are many frustrations culturally and politically, you cannot deny that Uptown is slowly improving.

    I have only lived in the neighborhood a few years, but I have lived around it all my life and can say that more positive changes are being made than negative.

    Plus, the vigilance of this neighbors (the most loyal of the city) keeps things in check and keeps overdevelopment from ruining our Chicago culture.

    No neighborhood represents this city better than Uptown.

    It's nice to see something positive.

  9. Puff piece? When it mentions that Disney Magnet is the only grade school above the "25% success rate" criteria?

    What are the local powers that be (including the local school councils) doing, or not doing, to keep our grade schools in a position so as not to entice families with kids to move here?

  10. No offense to d's broader point being made; but,

    keeps things in check and keeps overdevelopment from ruining our Chicago culture.

    Run over to Montrose/Broadway and let me know how overdevelopment is in check.

  11. Growing up in the Aragon and Riveria and the present time (oh those stories), not much has changed. The Lawrence train stop is in big need of rehab. The most stairs ever! My heart goes out to the mothers with babies, the seniors and disabled. Its quite a haul, also repave and relight the entrance and give signage to the many immigrants who find themselves at this stop. Its confusing!

  12. This story was in the "Homes" section of the paper. It was esentially a marketing piece by "Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown." It was most likely intended for promotion of the neighborhood (truthiness) not newsworthiness.