Friday, April 3, 2009

Now & Then: Irving Park & Broadway

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God bless "DavidWilson1949" and his unbelievable collection of old Chicago photos on Flickr. Check out the amount of density lost on Irving Park between Broadway and Sheridan in the top photo from the late 1960's. Judging from the Google Maps street view (below), the only building left is red brick building on the left in the distance and maybe the same lightpoles. The rest has been demolished to make way for parking lots and the Thorek Medical Center.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I live nearby and often wonder what the area looked like prior to development of the hospital campus. Thanks again.

  2. Patrick-
    Thank "DavidWilson1949." His photos captured parts of Chicago that would have otherwise gone unseen forever.

  3. It makes me so angry to see the current condition of Irving Park Raoad between Sheridan and Broadway. Thorek Hospital has been a terrible neighbor, and has destroyed the urban fabric of a major lakefront arterial street. And the demolition conntinues, with the recent senseless destruction of the building on he northeast corner of Irving and Sheridan. It just pisses me off. Irving Park should have a vibrant, walkable street wall of retail, and now it's just parking lots and a BP station.