Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone Didn't Pay The Gas Bill

A reader sends us this photo from 4720 N. Clarendon, the long vacant mystery building that had the gray security gates recently installed. From the looks of the $2,267.39 past-due gas bill, it is safe to assume it will be vacant for a while longer.


  1. I'm trying to figure out how a long-vacant building can use that much gas, and all I can come up with is that they're heating it to prevent the pipes from freezing.

  2. There was a recent This American Life episode ( that discussed this and related issues in the Rogers park neighborhood.

    You are probably correct TSN in your conclusion.

  3. They'll keep the gas running to keep the heat on to prevent the pipes from freezing.

    Has this building been occupied in the 10 years since it was built?

    Tell me it didn't receive TIF funds.

  4. Is this bldg on the SW corner of Lakeside & Clarendon, PIN 14-17-206-052, AKA 803 W LAKESIDE?

    The SW corner of Lakeside & Clarendon and the NW corner of Leland & Clarendon are owned by the infamous Sunrise Equities of 6335 N CLAREMONT.

    Cole Taylor Bank Files Foreclosure Suit Over Uptown Development

  5. Hugh, you are correct. I checked the Assessor's website and if you do an interactive mapping of the PIN#, you will see the construction crew building the property and it says that photo was taken on 4/25/2000. So yeah, how ironic, this building has sat empty for 9 years now.

    Interestingly enough, the Cook County Treasurer lists this as the owner who paid over $32,000 this year alone on the taxes. What kind of investment is that?

    6355 N CLAREMONT #201
    CHICAGO, IL 60659-2953

  6. now take LELAND TERRACE LLC over to SOS website, submt, click on Management Type MGR "View" and you will see listed the infamous Sunrise crewe at their fabulous World HQ on Claremont just south of Devon just east of Western

    anyone who hopes this might be a legit developer, I encourage you to drop by their World HQ

  7. " ... the Cook County Treasurer lists this as the owner who paid over $32,000 this year alone on the taxes."

    yes, Leland Terrace LLC is technically still the property taxpayer of record with the our County Treasurerbut when the Treasurer gets a check, they don't care who it's from; they don't update the "owner" info

    notice the multiple LIS PENDENS filed against the property by Cole Taylor Bank on the County Recorder's website; they are foreclosing on Sunrise and no doubt paid the property tax bill to protect their lien and forestall losing it in a tax sale