Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots Going On Tonight

Just a reminder that community activism is more than posting on a blog. It's getting out there, writing letters, making calls, giving your time and energy to a cause.

Tonight's your chance to show up and have your opinions heard by people who can make a difference. Uptown Update strongly urges readers who want to see change happen - and don't want to wait for 2011 to see it - to show up at one of the following events this evening and speak your mind:

- Capital Transportation Construction Funding Hearing, 6pm, Illinois Masonic, Olson Auditorium, 836 W Wellington. There's funding available in Springfield for transportation costs, and a strong showing of residents who can advocate for them going towards the Red Line stations north of Addison - i.e., the crumbling, dangerous and non-handicapped-compliant Wilson, Lawrence and Argyle stations - is crucial.

- Town Hall Meeting on Ethics Reform in Illinois Politics, 7pm, Mundelein Center at Loyola University, 6525 N Sheridan. Learn what you can do to get involved in passing ethics reform legislation in Illinois.

- CAPS Meeting for Beat 2024, 7pm, Margate Park Fieldhouse, 4921 N Marine.

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