Friday, April 24, 2009

Panel Discussion With Alderman Sunshine

Ald. Scott Waguespack, co-author of the Sunshine TIF Ordinance, and Ben Joravsky of The Reader, who's been writing about Chicago's TIF situation for years, are among the participants in a TIF panel discussion on Wednesday, April 29, in the 32nd Ward.

If you want to learn more about TIFs (and what you can do about them), or if you just want to enjoy the "sunshine," attendance is free (although donations will be taken to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository). Click on the poster for a larger version.


  1. Nice when Aldermen want to get out and talk to people.

    Check this out: Please note -- "weekly meeting with his constituent ward". Wow! Must be nice.

  2. Fioretti and Waguespack were both ushered into their seats with the support of the SEIU.

    They've been terrific in the council as far as I am concerned. It would be nice if the SEIU were as critical of Shiller as they were Madeline Haithcock and Ted Matlack. Unfortunately they have been fostering her strategy to hold the 46th ward seat.

  3. even with her bringing Target to the 'hood?