Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KFC Does Chicken & Potholes Right?

A reader writes in:
"It's official, Daley has lost his mind. So now we'll have KFC fixing the city's potholes, probably with left over chicken parts + grease. What Daley doesn't want to admit is that he's siphoned off more than a billion $ in TIF money that should have gone to essential City services like street maintenance, CTA, schools, parks and police."
Read all about it at the Sun-Times here.


  1. Ok, is this real? It seems really fake, but I live in Chicago, so this seems totally sane as well.

  2. This is quite real.

    It is quite sad.

    And it is quite obvious that city government is simply unconcerned with the well being of those who actually pay the bills, around here.

  3. I have no problems with this, the city would be getting income and the pot holes get fixed. I've seen the one's in Louisville, and they're fine.. The stencils wash away after a few rains and it's all good. Seems like a win-win to me.

  4. Is there any way to get to the Fraternal Order of Police?They're protesting the Olympic bid because of their contract dispute. Yet ANOTHER thing suffering from Daley's property tax grab...leaving the city underfunded! If KFC does potholes...maybe Taco Bell can take care of the Police?????

  5. I relocated to Chicago in the last 6 months and am appauled at the condition of the roads.

    All of them - tollroads, freeways, boulevards and streets - are in need of repair.

    During the holidays I also suffered from a flat tire caused by a pot hole. I was instructed to file a claim form for my very expensive $330 high performance tire.

    Weeks later I received a response lamenting on about how bad the roads are, though the letter closed with "but dispatch has no other record of incident in this area, so basically, we don't believe you".

    And the roads continue to go unrepaired. Harrumph. Since the Mayor can't (or won't) I say let the Colonel save my tires!!

  6. Chicago Public Radio ran this story, but at they end they said quite clearly it was an April's Fool's joke.