Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iyanze In RedEye

"Though Beatrice Hardnick and her son Emmanuel Abidemi (pictured) opened Iyanze, their new Uptown West African restaurant, just two weeks ago, Iyanze is a word Hardnick’s been hearing for years. It’s a nickname that translates to “Man, that lady can cook,” or “That woman is a great cook,” earned years ago when she was cooking for family and friends in Nigeria."

So begins an article in today's RedEye, "2 for $20," featuring places two people can eat for a double sawbuck. Iyanze, at 4623 N. Broadway, is featured. Click on the first four photos to learn more about this newest Uptown restaurant.


  1. This is an amazing restaurant. Went there for lunch this week and will be going back weekly. The bean casserole is wonderful, especially with some plantains on the side. Go!

  2. I second what Daid said. It is so delicious. I can't get enough!Go!