Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicago Tonight Uptown-centric Tonight

If you're staying in, or going out and want to set a recording, WTTW's Chicago Tonight has a couple Uptown stories on Thursday's edition:

Inspiration Cafe: One Chicagoan's desire to feed the homeless turned into a giant food and job training institution. It also landed her a commercial that was seen in front of an estimated 36 million people nationwide. We take you inside a Chicago restaurant that feeds paying and non-paying customers alike.

Ask Geoffrey: Did the St. Mary of the Lake Church in Uptown at one time sit on the lakefront? We find out when Chicago architecture expert Geoffrey Baer answers this question and more in tonight's edition of Ask Geoffrey.


  1. BTW, the story that I heard about the "lake" is that once upon a time the park in back of the church campus actually did have a "lake." Well, a duck pond anyway, and the church founders incorporated it into their name.

  2. Video of the WTTW piece on Saint Mary of the Lake.The piece opens up with St. Mary's and a few minutes later talks about an Edgewater building.

    Now if you will excuse me I need to enjoy the fine weather.....oops.....I forgot........the weather is fine in my undisclosed location. Tribune says its gloomy in Chicago.

    Oh well hopefully when I return the weather will be wunnerful.

  3. You can also click on the above link and watch the WTTW video on the Inspiration Cafe.