Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deflated Or Expanded Hours?

A frustrated reader writes in:
"I tried to pay a visit to the alderman's office this morning at 9:15am, since the website indicates that they will be open to accommodate neighbors who need Cubs parking passes. Alas, the doors were locked and there wasn't a soul inside. Perhaps they are just casually late this morning? Anyway, given that I work a Monday through Friday work week, Saturdays are the only time I can get over there. Sucks that they aren't conforming to the schedule they have posted on their website."


  1. Did you notice the graffiti on her office window? I wonder how long that's been there? Since they don't keep office hours, perhaps they aren't able to notice it.

  2. Dear Frustrated Reader,

    Ms. Shiller isn't available for you. You aren't her constituent. Lose your job, become a drunkard and a drug user, accost the wickedness that is the condo owner, and vote as often as you can for her. In return you can come visit her office Monday through Friday and on each election day she'll give you a slice of pizza.

    And if you don't like it you are more than welcome to move.

  3. HM-
    That is an old photo of her office. We were just looking for a photo of her office and that is the first thing we found. Our bad.

  4. Holy moley I agree and you took the words right out of my mouth. I had her workers tell me over the phone if I dislike the area so much I live in I should consider to move to one I would like and the drunks, dopers and gangs have rights to hang out on our uptown streets too. I cannot wait to be able to vote her out of office like I hope many will do the same too on that day in the near future. They really have some nerve to talk to us the way they do...the only thing they care about is getting their pockets filled with money to support all the wrong causes.......