Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CAPS Meeting At Public Storage Tomorrow Night

A reader writes: "Could you please make a mention that the CAPS meeting that normally takes place at the Buena Library on the first Thursday of the month will tomorrow take place in front of Public Storage? [UU note: Community policing confirms that we will meet in front of the Library at 929 W Buena at 7pm and walk together over to Public Storage.] Many of the neighbors and business owners in the beat are tired of what takes place at this location on a daily basis. Although some progress has been made we want to continue to voice our concerns that many things that take place here are unwelcome.

Since the Alderman's office seems to respond to your blog more than phone calls or letters, maybe we should ask someone from her office to also attend. There has been two occasions in my five years of going to CAPS that an employee from the office has attended our meetings (the two months prior to the last election)."


  1. You might want to mention the time of the meeting so people not familiar with CAPS meetings will know when to show up.

  2. Thanks, Ray, we added the 7:00 pm time to the post. It's also in the "Events" listed on the right.

  3. I almost think this is an April Fools joke.

    No the real joke would be if that letter of intent from Target was posted.