Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anti-Crime Walk Saturday Night

If you're gonna have an Anti-Crime Walk, starting at Lawrence & Sheridan is a great idea. Kudos to the 20th District marchers for meeting there this Saturday night.

Everyone is encouraged to join the walk; no need to live in the 20th District. Lawrence & Sheridan straddles the 23rd and 20th District, so it affects us all.

Weather should be warm this weekend -- Get out there and do some good!


  1. I will be ready and lets all march to help make our area safe and healthy. It takes all of us to do something as our fearless alderwomen doesn`t seem to care....

  2. OK, I've gotta ask what these organized walks really accomplish? In my opinion, nothing. The "criminals" may not even be around to see them. And if they are, big deal. They see a bunch of people out one night for an organized walk and know they can get on with their business as usual once the walk is over, or the next night.

    What helps more is people being out more often. Go ahead, take a stroll around you neighborhood (go with a friend, or neighbor, or significant other, or take your dogs for a walk). It's good exercise and it gives a presence in the neighborhood that helps deter crime. Plus, you'll not only meet your neighbors and get more of a scoop on what's going on, but you'll get to know some of the usual suspects (and recognizing the perps is quite useful when there is a problem.)

    And what helps even more is people having the courage to dial 911 on their cell phones. I've been chased by gangbangers and pimps, threatened by gangbangers and drug dealers, and laughed at by all. But I continue to pull out my phone and dial 911 and it makes a difference. If you hear something from your apartment, condo or home, look outside and dial 911 if something bad or suspicious is happending. If you're out and see something, pull out your phone and dial 911. (And yes, you can wait until you get around a corner so they don't see you doing it, that would be a smart move on your part). Like the person who posted seperately about the "stalker", help out and make difference. Too many people don't want to get involved or think it's not their problem.

    Guess what, it's everyone's problem, it's getting worse these days, and it's going to get even worse with summer approaching (as it does every year) unless more residents take an active interest in keeping their own neighborhood safe.

  3. Jason, it's been my experience that these walks are a chance to get to know the cops and point out trouble spots in the neighborhood that they may not know about. *I* know what porches and loading docks are trouble areas at night, but a police car driving through may miss the activity. Once it's pointed out, they're aware of it.

    There's a problem building near me. Ever since we started walking with the cops after our beat meeting, I see the patrols slow down and shine lights on the building every couple hours. Never happened before. So that's, IMHO, one of the benefits of these neighborhood walks.