Monday, March 2, 2009

More Supervision Needed

A reader writes in asking:
"I haven't been able to find any articles regarding the "events" outside (and inside) the Youth Center at Sheridan & Lakeside on early Saturday morning (approximately 1 a.m.). There were anywhere from 50-75 kids that appeared to be coming out of the youth center (most of which had to be out after curfew). A couple fights, not surprisingly, broke out and one of the kids kicked in the door (breaking the glass) of the youth center itself. A few police cars showed up and the crowd eventually dispersed (I don't think any arrests were made). The glass door has already been replaced.

But what bothers me most is that there were so many kids, but I couldn't find any adults (besides the cops). There simply had to be some kind of event at the Youth Center to have that many kids there at the same time, and why on earth would something there end at 1 a.m? I called the cops, but I don't know if anyone associated with the Youth Center did anything. How could it not be for seen that some event with 50-75 kids, ending at 1 a.m., wouldn't attract the problem-makers (gang-bangers)? And where in the heck were the adults/chaperones/parents? Kids were fighting in the street and I didn't see one chaperon out there attempting to stop it or do anything about it. I wonder if the cops would've came at all if I didn't call them (to be fair, someone else would have --- but I'm not sure that that "someone else" would have been anyone associated with the Youth Center).

And then government leaders (Shiller) wonders why her ward has such a sour reputation. I bet she doesn't even know about this. Anyhow, have you received any information about this?"


  1. That's about the time a concert was getting out at the Riviera. Is it possible the participants were concertgoers who just happened to be in front of Alternatives rather than Alternatives attendees?

    In any case, thanks for calling the police so the situation, bad as it was, didn't escalate.

  2. That was Moe. playing at the Riv. Being the giant Moe.ron that I am, its hard for me to believe that a bunch of Moe.rons caused the problem and started a fight. I personally didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  3. I just know that I heard people heading to their cars after the concert around that time, so I thought it might possibly be related to the goings-on on Sheridan.

    No affront to Moe.rons intended. ;-)

  4. There was a concert at the Alternatives center that was supposed to not include anyone under the age of 18 (who are sent home 1/2 hour before curfew). There was allegedly security at the center itself, but it apparently did not stop the crowd's antics as they left the center. These kids/youths definitely came out of the Althernatives Center. So unless Moe's fans travel in packs of 50-75, somehow exit out the front door of the Alternatives center, get into a couple fights and kick in the glass on the front door of the center, then I doubt it was a crowd originating from a different event or locale.