Friday, March 6, 2009

Maybe If ER Had Filmed On This Corner...

"The corner of Winthrop and Kenmore has been a hot mess for months now since the sewer repairs began in November. I noticed that before "ER" filmed their scenes at Leland and Winthrop, that corner was repaired and completed.

Our corner is still a disaster, with construction materials, large pieces of concrete and huge potholes. It would be nice if the work that was started was completed!"


  1. Totally off topic, but as I was leaving the Spot last night around 10:30 the Wilson Yard workers were going at it like nobody's business.

    I have a feeling they aren't supposed to be working that late....

  2. And for our readers who are confused by this location, please remember that Winthrop curves around behind TCF Bank on Wilson to join Kenmore.

  3. they have been starting work at WY the last two mornings at 230 and 300 AM!!!!

    I called and complained....i wonder if it helps at all...???

  4. Starting work at 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning? Anyone know what work rules are for the unionized skilled trades? Or, are they running multiple shifts? Does anyone know how Walsh Construction is able to keep the work going at this pace and not avoid paying lots of overtime and other such concessions? And, if they are not, is it responsible for a project being financed with public funds to be risking cost overruns because of the speed at which they have chosen to pursue this project?

    Does anyone out there know?