Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Ingredients Of A 'Walkable Street'

A reader alerted us to the following article by Dom Nozzi discussing how a community creates safe, walkable streets. Check it out here.

(photo: YoChicago1, Flickr)


  1. "Diverse retail" and "Appropriate businesses", whodathunk it?

    (with all due respect to the shop owners who I'm sure to p*ss off to make a larger point, I'm sure)

    Tattoos, drug paraphernalia, chicken/bbq, doughnuts, nail salons and dilapidated, empty store fronts.

    Oh, and a Target which apparently will be able to float, since no foundation work has been laid.

    Appropriately diverse, or am I being obtuse?

  2. Love the rear-view shot of the person in St. Patty's Day drag walking by the Popeye's.


    What other "green" sightings have you found in Uptown this 4-day weekend?

  3. Yo,

    How can you forget check cashing and payday loan places???

  4. UHM, HELLLO Cricket Cellular...pimps and dealers need phones too....and I can say that, I work for AT&T....

  5. I didn't forget them, just didn't want to rehash that issue.

    There are areas of the city where retail diversity and money services can co-exist.

  6. It amazes me that Helen cant wrap her Wisconsin education around this concept.

    Incentive creates business that creates jobs for the community who in turn spend money in sed community. People then live and prosper. It happens all over the city.

    It is a cycle just like...

    Programs create dependence that creates instability that in turn creates feelings of less worth and creates crime, abandonment, and drug use. This to happens all over the city.

  7. Active Building Fronts. Increasingly, streets are neglected and degraded by buildings that turn their back to the street. On a walkable street, the fronts of buildings face the streetside sidewalk. Having doors and ample windows facing the street creates visual interest for the pedestrian, and energizes the street by providing a view of the inside of the building and having pedestrians enter and exit the building onto the sidewalk. Doors facing the street substantially reduce pedestrian walking distances.

    Apparently Peter Holsten and Helen Shiller know much, more more about what creates a successful neighborhood... since they decided to turn the retail buildings ass-backwards on Broadway. Nice way to create a vibrant shopping and walking district, meatheads.

    Our little fiefdom of Uptown is run so poorly that it would be funny if Helen's craziness weren't so damned expensive and didn't affect so many people so negatively.

  8. I think Helen knows exactly what it takes to create a walkable community she lives in one called "Andersonville." The problem is not that she lacks the info but rather she knows that to bring such a situation to the middle of Uptown would support the idea that it had become a nice place to live and rent in the area would certainly go up. Therefore some may not be able to remain in the area. Since she appears to pride herself on finding housing for the less fortunate, even if it fails to meet the standards set by those who work in this area all the time, she will do everything she can to keep the area as "blighted" as possible. This has included not assisting the police and community members addressing the high crime in the same area. She is motivated to keep the area poorly maintained because she thinks that is helping the less fortunate out. Funny how in Chicago these efforts are rewarded with TIF's that she can do whatever she wants with. Think of Montrosse, Lawerence and Clark Street as the walls to West Germany. How many businesses have wanted to move to her Ward only to have been told no. There is a reason there is less options to shop in her ward she is very difficult to work with and it is often just easier to locate somewhere else.

  9. "Programs create dependence"

    Someone on this board once characterized Ald. Shiller as a sociopath. Not knowing much about sociopaths, I looked it up.

    I'll let you read the link below to come to your own conclusion.

    Profile of a Sociopath

  10. Ummm...pretty much sums her up from all I hear...

  11. I have lived here just about all my life. I have seen uptown turn to better to worse to now beyond worse. Take a walk down Wilson ave. in the summer if you dare. It will make you sick. I have asked our famous alderwomen and her office told me maybe if I don`t like the area I sould sell my condo and move to a area that will make me happy. What a answer and that proves how she cares. I will never vote for her and maybe you should think twice too. Look at our streets and that will make you decide......

  12. Whats wrong with the opportunity to buy some rock along Wilson Ave. during the Day??????????????????
    We are not as aggressive as we used to be because of J-FED and Schiller........... FYI

  13. Do the hustlers selling socks and bootleg CDs on the corner count?