Thursday, March 12, 2009

Educating Students On HIV Prevention

Dear Uptown Update Staff:

The majority of new HIV infections occur in people younger than 25 years old, but sex education isn't even taught in most Chicago middle or high schools.

Beyond Media in partnership with About Face Theatre and Howard Brown Health Center developed a youth focused HIV educational plan for parents, educators, and youth and community leaders. The film presents serious issues in a fun way with teen actors, music and graphics, and also offers HIV prevention techniques and demonstrations. A curriculum to ensure learning and a resource guide are also included with the DVD. It's time to finally open up about a taboo subject and let people know that it's something that needs to be talked about.

We're hoping you can post our trailer on your blog? We anticipate the program being launched into 10 city high schools soon (four on the North Side), and just want to get the word out about HIV to our community.

Thanks very much,

Chaya Harris


  1. 1) I'm reading this post at 5:30 a.m. UU is sure up early. Must be all the lights and noise at WY.

    2) HIV has been in the news since the eighties. I am still amazed at the number of young people that discount this disease and engage in risky behaviour. And even more amazed at the people who think teaching prevention only means sexual abstinence.

  2. WY was surprisingly quiet until after 7am this morning....


    the spotlights were on ALL night as well as a new set that were also on ALL night ....

    so...pick and choose I

  3. There really is only one way to prevent HIV.

    Anything beyond that is a dice throw, honestly; but, I applaud any effort to get kids (not around in the 80's I'm assuming), parents and teachers thinking/teaching/practicing prevention.

    No one's ever suffered via knowing too much.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Chaya. Will you be doing any programs in Uptown? Either at the schools or at age appropriate gatherings at Alternatives or the Boys & Girls Club?

  5. "Have I not walked without an upward look
    Of caution under stars that very well
    Might not have missed me when they shot and fell?
    It was a risk I had to take--and took."

    Bravado, Robert Frost

    We all know the safety in not living life and not taking risks. Young adults are human, too, and just as prone to experience as adults. I think it is unfair of any one to suggest they be any thing other than what they are. For most celibacy is just not who they are. This is the same for adults. Since this is the reality it is only fair and right and responsible that we equip them with every advantage and tool needed so each risk poses the least amount of danger.

  6. Chuck,

    don't ridicule the benefits of celibacy. It works for me. Of course I'm ugly.

    Seriously, kids and young adults need to know about the importance of condoms and other forms of protection. Not everyone is getting as little "action" as me.