Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diplomat Hotel Residents Scramble To Find Housing

The Diplomat Hotel SRO in Lakeview is being shut down by the city on March 24. Where will the residents go? Read all about it at Chi-Town Daily news here.


  1. This is sad. I do have a friend who lives in this building and I feel for him.

    On the same token they do deserve better. This didn't happen over night. The things that go on in this building would make most of us cringe. It is a part of life we try not to think exists. Scary.

    Good luck to all the residents.

    On another positive Helen just lost 40 votes!

  2. The city is shutting down the Diplomat because of a litany of code violations, including blocked fire exits, rodent infestations and electrical problems, city officials say. Owner Jack Gore has refused to comment.

    A little more than 3 weeks is the time lapse from the 2/25 WLS-TV report on The Diplomat and Jack Gore and the events reported yesterday by Chitown Daily News.

    Astonishing speed this city can move when it wants to.

  3. The odd thing is the Diplomat House seems like a paradise compared to Hotel Chateau. When will someone look into cleaning up that place?

  4. It's a shame these guys are gonna be displaced. Good thing this didn't happen in January.

    Somehow the powers that be will spin it into class warfare, so it appears the condo oweners are responsible for ousting them out on the streets.

  5. This place gets the attention of the city, but forget about anything like it, or worse, in the 46th Ward...

  6. The Diplomat case has been in housing court for over 18 months so this isn't a quick case. Only when owner Jack Gore indicated his intent to sell to developers did the community & City unite to preserve a viable affordable housing venue.
    Regretably, the Diplomat is now being vacated and its rent-paying tenants displaced. The sole responsibility for this outcome is Mr Gore and his management team who abandoned any pretense of social responsibility, and essentially exploited at-risk residents in a deliberate atmosphere of neglect. Gore collected substantial rent for sub-standard accomodations and outright refused to bring his building up to code. The City was then left no alternative other to not renew his business license. The Court only then ordered the Diplomat vacated with a 3-week stay of enforcement. The Court also ordered relocation assistance to the Diplomat residents.