Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Constantly Updated With News About The Ward'

A reader writes in with the following info:
"Looks like this Public Radio guy has a beast-crush on Shiller – or is trying to give her a quotable comment to offset the barrage of criticism her website has garnered regarding her lack of disclosure of any useful ward information. Apparently, the information conveyed in the “word content” is of no use to this guy so long as there are pretty pictures."

From the Chicago Public Radio Blog:

“I give props to Chicago Alderwoman Helen Shiller. Shiller has a simple blog design to her content but it is constantly updated with news and information about the ward. Just today, 2 posts. Including video/pictures.”


  1. While "Borrower Outreach Days" and the "St. Augustine Open House" items are nice and all, some real news that impacts the neighborhood would be appreciated. For example, something about the water and sewer repair around Sunnyside, Hazel and Agatite would have been nice. That area is a complete disaster currently.

  2. Justin Kaufmann is not paid to consult on website development.

    From WBEZ bio...
    As senior content developer for Chicago Public Radio, Justin is responsible for the Chicago Public Radio Web site.

    Ah crap. Well, anyway, here he is critiquing his own Alderman.

    I’m talking to you Alderman Burnett. When you go to Burnett’s page, a splash page moves some pictures around and then a random song (classical) blares over your speakers. Not cool. And very odd. And also, don’t have a static page as your only content with the link-through to a “File Not Found”.