Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ComEd Assistance Plan Deadline March 27

From Ald. Mary Ann Smith's (48th Ward) March Newsletter:

The deadline to apply for ComEd's recently-announced initiative to help people who are having a hard time paying their electric bills is Friday, March 27. Under the program, customers can pay 90 percent of the amount owed and ComEd will credit the remaining 10 percent OR, customers can pay 25 percent and agree to a payment plan. The remaining balance will not incur additional interest charges or fees.

The program is a one-time offer designed to provide some immediate relief to customers facing disconnection and is open to any ComEd customer who has received a disconnection notice regardless of household income. For more information or to apply for the program, call 1-888-806-CARE (2273) to speak to a ComEd customer service representative.


  1. As the 'treasurer' of my condo building, the biggest issue I've had, is that if ComEd is unable to make a reading, they literally double the bill.
    And the customer service people always say "I don't know why it's so high"

    People's Gas has gotten a lot of flack, but my experience is that ComEd is the worst utility I have to deal with.

  2. Bless you Mary Ann. We love your care and concern for us lowly ones. You and the sparkly Doug F continue to make my day with your sunshine.

    And thanks for scheduling a vote on the Dominicks store before completing the traffic study. After all, you've been negotiating with Dominick's for for over a year. The least us minor league taxpayers deserve is a traffic study after the fact.

    Smiles everyone.