Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clarendon Mystery Building Secured

A reader writes in with the following photo:

"4600 block of Clarendon (4650 I believe), across from Walgreens, I saw these guys working.

(the truck says) Vacant Property Security.

Good to see that the dilapidated particle board "doors" are being cleaned up and the building secured - and these fellas have work; but, it would appear that any development on this property may be a long way off."

UU Note: Why has this seemingly finished building sat vacant for so long? We seem to recall this building was somehow tied into the now defunct "Pure20" development that was cancelled in the adjacent lot. Anyone with info?


  1. I believe this building was built to be an Alzheimer's care center. The care provider, if memory serves correctly, went bankrupt.

    The developer who was going to build the townhouses and high rises next door was asked by Alderman Shiller, as I remember, to also develop this vacant new building as a low income senior building. This developer, however, also had to back out due to financial issues.

    A friend of mine lived on Clarendon and was very frustrated that Weiss Hosptital was allowed to change their original plans to build an expansion as an overpass above Leland, to the City dead-ending Leland so that Weiss could build a massive and cheap addition with no windows. This has really been a deterrant to anyone developing the vacant new building across the street.

    Neighbors who were asking Alderman Shiller to at least have Weiss be required to put windows and/or an atrium along Clarendon in exchange for this major zoning change (closing a road) were told that no changes would be requested and that "youth organizations" (aka taggers?) would be enlisted to paint art projects there.

  2. I walk pass this building everyday and it sad to see such a nice building on the outside, not have anything inside. At least it's not an empty vacant lot. I wish a bar or restaurant would open there.