Friday, March 20, 2009

$325,000 For McJunkin Corner Retail Space

A reader with a keen eye spotted this listing for 1101 W. Wilson (corner space of the McJunkin) which "The Best Steak House" restaurant currently occupies.
From the listing:
"Business ideal for various franchises, restaurants, bar-grill combos, and your own ideas! Liquor license is included, no property tax, updated plumbing and electrical, and patio friendly. Prime corner location. Directly under Red Line El station in a heavy traffic area."
Contact Broker Chris Verzevoulias at 773-879-2559. And readers, if there is a business you want to see, contact them and include this link.


  1. Patio friendly? I don't even know where to begin with that one.

  2. No property taxes? Why?

    Seems like a good location for a Chipotle.

  3. You're not buying the property with this listing. You are buying the business. Probably tied to a long term lease of the property.

  4. Brennan,
    Chipotle has a link on their site to suggest new locations. Make sure you let them know.

  5. Gret corner location, and a patio would definately work.

  6. All of that foot traffic and a bus stop......PATIO FIASCO!


    And its now $125,000!