Friday, March 20, 2009

Ald. Shiller Talks About TIF Transparency

Thanks to a reader for letting us know that Helen Shiller was interviewed on Fox News this morning. When asked what's going on in the ward, she talked at length about all she's doing about recycling, mentioned that Wilson Yard is "out of the ground," and said how much she favors TIF transparency and how much she wants all those documents readily available on her website.

Hey, Ald. Shiller -- we know a couple really nifty ways that transparency can start! How about posting all those letters you held up at the ZBA hearing that you said were in favor of Labor Ready? (A FOIA request proved that they actually weren't... ooh, messy!) And how about finally being "transparent" and producing that fabled letter of intent from Target dated ... dated ... how many years has it been now that you've said it exists, but that we mere mortals aren't allowed to see it?

Since we know Ald. Shiller's staff (hi, Maggie!) reads this blog on a daily basis, please add your suggestions in the comments on what issues Ald. Shiller can best use her newfound enthusiasm for "transparency."

Update: This video clip now appears on Ald. Shiller's website.


  1. Wow she really went out on a limb there talking about Wilson Yard. She neglected to mention the no and low income portion of it. Surprisingly, no mention of Target.

  2. She mentioned Target. It was the first thing she said about Wilson Yard.

  3. In the first few minutes to me she was talking in circles.

    Sure she is for TIF transparency now she knows she will never get another TIF.

    It seems to me she is kind of nervous about the WY lawsuit.

    But why all the soft questions from the news people? Such as so you are for transparency yet you are being sued for the WY Tif? Should you have been more transparent with your voters?

    She didn't mention Target by the way.

  4. Did mention I meant to say. Sorry!

  5. I see she is very transparent. She hides, as well as her staff hides, behind lies. Maybe its finally catching up with her and now she feels her days are numbered as it gets closer to the day we will vote her out of office............
    I have never seen our uptown so run down and mis-managed by her. and her staff of clowns.

  6. Talk about having 2 faces. Hide from your constituents and lie to the media. She's a real piece of work.

  7. My long winded take:

    Fox spoke with Sandi Jackson, yesterday (which they'd twittered, they didn't twitter this). It, like this, was nothing more than 3 minutes in a slow pitch batting cage with 16" softballs (I'm reserving my special olympics joke).

    The local media is either unwilling, or unable, to get too involved in tougher issues.

    Especially TIF-related issues.

    Probably since they know that they couldn't get an alderman on set if it wasn't a "positive" exchange.

    Example: they discuss TIF transparency, yet don't mention the lawsuit, and then tilt their heads like confused dogs as Helen "details" her efforts to initiate TIF transparency in her ward (gak!).

    With no follow up questions, whatsoever.

    Per Wilson Yard, she mentioned the 80 unit senior building, but isn't there more?

    In short, nothing new and a waste of 3:00+ minutes of my life to watch, and a few extra minutes to moan about the incessant stream of inconsistencies flowing from that woman's mouth (not to mention however much time I'm taking out of the lives of anyone reading this).

    What is painfully clear is this woman is a horrible, horrible public servant and an even worse politician. She can't sit still, she stutters, she mumbles and she's constantly in motion (that and it would take Einstein to calculate the distance between that woman and "cute". Miss Kitty mentioned 2 faces, which can't be true or she wouldn't be using that one *rimshot*).

    Those little "tic"s don't indicate that she's lying, but do indicate that she has a healthy sense of fear for the truth.

    Kind of like how people nervously tread across a mine field.

    "There's a Target." That's all that was mentioned, and barely registered above her breath.

    And she squirmed when she spoke of it.

    Much like she was a ball of nervous energy as she meandered through the "discussion" of how technology has sped up communication, and that she is responding .. to .. someone. Dunno who - she doesn't say, but it certainly isn't anyone that pays her salary.

    I took it that she was hoping to high hell that she wasn't going to get zing'd by the rare appearance of real political journalism in this town and have to answer a question which deviated from the agreed upon discussion framework.

    This city is run by idiotic, narcissistic, unpolished political neophytes and I'm stymied that any of these people are smart enough to tie their own shoes let alone run a campaign.

    But good for them, since there's not a chance that any of these overstuffed chair moisteners could find gainful employment in the private sector.

    Maggie reads this? Good. You're on the hook to get some data up on that website in short order, now.

    Helen said it was coming, so giddie up, buttercup and let's see whatcha' got.

    Anyone else find it odd that a story complaining of smelly garbage bled into that clip? Or, is that just karma peering into Helen's life, again?

    Sorry for the lengthy rant. Where's IP when you need him. I need to get drunk.

  8. Interesting that she put out that rarest of creatures, an aldermanic eBulletin, in the last couple days, but didn't mention this appearance.

    Also interesting that -- with the vast knowledge of technology that she mentioned on the show -- she couldn't manage to put out an email blast mentioning this appearance.

    And she has the nerve to go on the show and talk about how in touch she is with her constituents and how easy it is to communicate with them.

  9. I love how local politicians are now dusting off Obama chestnuts like "transparency"

    It hasn't worked for him, in fact it has been a "read my lips" sort of Achilles heel.

    Helen and the crew mistake his popularity for savvy. The difference is, people like Obama as a person. Helen on the other hand has none of that likability. Even the people that use her resources in the neighborhood antiquate her to a necessary evil.

    Bummer Helen.

  10. As far as people who run the City, I am often amazed it runs at all. I actually don't blame the people who run the city as much as I blame the overwhelming power unions have in the City.

    You should be able to fire people when you have no use for them.

  11. Who cares Blago use to be a guest on these "feel good" with the good politician fluff pieces without being asked any hard questions right up til the 11th hour.

  12. I observed the full City Council meeting last Wednesday 3/18. Daley gavelled the proceedings to order at precisely 10 AM, as he always does. Roll was called.

    Shiller wandered in at 10:40. Her cotton t seem to say "Spring!" She dropped some stuff off at her desk, and then proceeded directly to the sumptuous buffet in the back room.

    If you had a job that paid $110,556.00/year and came with a $75K expense account and it required you to be downtown once a month for a 10 AM meeting and precious little else, don't you think you could manage it?

  13. They have a buffet?

    I hope one of the Mayor's political funds pays for that.

    Perhaps the Mayor can arrange for some aldermanic training classes over at Soggy Paws. "Sit Doggy". "Fetch". Roll over.

  14. I find it rather ironic, and much less than amusing, that these aldermen are pissed off that DaMare won't reveal to them what he is going to do with the boat loads of cash he is getting from the feds at the same time they decide to table the TIF transparency bill. Because, really now, screw the constituency for they aren't really smart enough to understand what we do with TIF money anyway. But delaying transparency for Daleys cash is a travesty? Bitches, please.