Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes, We're "Awake"

We noticed the new Awake Cafe at 736 Irving Park, where The Fix Cafe was just a few months ago (the site was also the former long-time home of Nationwide Video before that). We wish Awake much luck and longevity.


  1. I just discovered this place last week. Very nice atmosphere and good food! Looks like it's becoming quite a popular post-school gathering place for local teens, based on the crowd that was there.

  2. I live nearby and can vouch for its good-ness. They're also open by 7am on weekdays, a niche that The Fix never could hit. Lots of commuters pass by en route to catch the express buses that pass down that stretch of Irving every morning, and the closest place to buy a cup of coffee is the BP station, or maybe the minimarts in the 3930 Pine Grove Condo building or 655 Irving Park.

  3. I definitely liked the staff at the Fix better. I went into Awake and was looking at the tea, the woman behind the counter walked away, got on the phone, then started tapping her fingers on the cash register while staring at the ceiling as i stood waiting to ask a question about the tea. I got frustrated that she had just walked away so I turned and left. As I walked out the door I heard, "did you need something?" but I was already set on just walking the short block to Starbucks.