Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Tried To Run Over The Salvation Army Building?!‏

A reader sent in this picture and wrote about the Salvation Army family shelter at Lawrence and Marine: "Just saw this on my way to the bus this morning. Looks like a left turn onto Lawrence gone wrong! Do you know when and how this happened?"


  1. Maybe it was Shiller's Big Fat Ego?!?!

    Just sayin'...

  2. I wrote an earlier response, opining that these types of accidents are common when property fencing is installed near busy roadways and intersections. I see them all over the city and suburbs.

    Of course, my comment was quickly removed by a UU censor.

    But as per usual, remarks like Uptown Train's (above) will remain.

  3. So......you're sayin' the fence caused the accident?

  4. Actually BillieJoe, the previously removed post was my own as I finger fumbled upon the keyboard and in turn, I deleted it myself. Not UU.

    Your previous post apparently never made it. As a mechanical technician, I might suggest you check the "loose nut" on the end of your keyboard. I believe it was the cause of hinderance to your previously attempted post.

    It would also explain most of your other previous posts that did happen to make it onto UU.

    Have a fine Uptown Day!

  5. So billyjoe, you're implying that you had a previous post that basically said that fences like this get damaged because of where they're built, which was deleted, yet your post summarizing the original post wasn't.

    Why would UU want to delete a post, but not a post that summarizes it? Does that make any sense? Perhaps you're just looking for a conspiracy where one doesn't exist?

  6. "So billyjoe, you're implying that you had a previous post that basically said that fences like this get damaged because of where they're built, which was deleted, yet your post summarizing the original post wasn't."

    Nope, Im sure someone at UU removed my original post. Then I got pissed when I saw the "Shiller's Big Fat Ego" remark was left standing, especially since my remark was at least more logical than Uptown Train's a personal attack.

    As my second attempt at commenting is still up, Im satisfied with that.

  7. Yes BJ...Let's not confuse you with the facts, your mind is made up!

  8. I'm totally confused, I just wanted more details on what actually happened.

  9. We're back down to 8 comments, zut alors!

  10. Maybe UU should file a subpoena to find out what happened?

  11. that fence has been like that for weeks now, nothing new...

  12. BJ,

    I have gotten over the bizarrenes of deleted posts...so I just enjoy the madness!

  13. I have had back-up from other commenters (like Jason) when I complain about deleted comments. It appears that when others (like Chuck) chime in to agree with me, the seemingly arbitrary deletions cease, at least for the time being.

    Now that Eden has pointed out that this fence has been damaged for awhile, I'd like to add that this is typically the case, no matter where the fence is located.

  14. Don't look to me for backup! I get deleted all the time! ;-)

  15. Ah Billyjoe. Always the martyr, always the victim.

    If it is true, and your hypothesis is correct about these fences getting hit simply because they are there then could I please have your address to send you my prototype for a one man fence? You could walk around the city in it and then we can sit back and test your theory.

    If it is proven right, that people simply hit these fences just for existing then we all win out!

  16. I see our Resident Troll has managed to derail yet another discussion thread with his typical routine.

    Does this ever get old for you, billyjoe?

  17. Oh stop picking on Billy Joel. He reminds of my friends dog, nobody likes him but all he needs is love...he has good intentions, just bites once in awhile.

    He is like UU's pet that we got off the street. Yeah, he pees on the furniture every once in awhile but, hey, what are you going to do? Through him him out in the cold snow to freeze to death??

    LOL. (No offense BJ)

  18. "Throw"

    Sorry about the type-o

  19. News flash to Billy Joe. This thread ain't about you. And yet you continue your (really good) trolling skills and manage to take discussions off topic or make them about you every time. Congratulations! What a very special boy you are.

    From now on, every time you take a thread offline or make it all about BillyJoeLand, the five (yes, five) UU moderators will delete you and any comments responding to the off-topic conversation.

    It's up to you now, Billy Joe. You can either stay on topic or be deleted within minutes. Your choice.

    This came from the owner of the site (Uptown Updater), who asked me to post it.

  20. Normally I wouldn't feel the need to comment here, but this is getting ridiculous. Just reading through one notices that BJ makes a comment that is completely benign and gets jumped on b/c of prejudice. Yes prejudice: as in you have pre-judged his comment based on his name.

    I too have seen more than one fence in such a state of disrepair and can name locations for a handful of them I pass by every day. When the blog post is titled "Who Tried To Run Over The Salvation Army Building?!‏" I think it only fair (I am YFDA after all) that it is asked: "Did anyone really TRY to run over the SA Building?"

    What I think BJ's comments point to is precisely this. Most fences are not damaged intentionally. Mostly I would assume large delivery trucks and semis. Drivers for these services gain nothing from saying "Sorry I damaged your fence." Rather it cuts into their pay. So, most of them take the view of an Empiricist (they only believe that which they personally witnessed.) (i.e. if no one saw them do it then they are in the clear.)


    P.S. My only feeling on the fence (as with all broken fences) is that a bit of mending is due.

  21. "Yes prejudice: as in you have pre-judged his comment based on his name."

    Name? More like attitude. He has lost all credibility because he chose to plug UU with imature, homphobic, and racist taunts in blogs past.

    "Most fences are not damaged intentionally."

    Wow really? The title was satire, as in how does a fence like this get mangled and nobody seemed to witness it. But like the numerous unsolved murders and crimes in this over populated city, no one seems to ever see.

    So, while BJ might be frond of making passive aggressive comments (I am sure he was poking fun at the fight we had last summer to get the Dearborn fence up), the rest of us are becoming tiresome of him.

  22. Soo....does that mean maybe I was wrong?!?!

    Maybe it was BillyJoe's Big Fat Ego pumped up by his own paranoid delusions that UU is out to get him that toppled the fence over?!?!?

    Seriously folks...this started because I took a poke where I saw there was one to take. And good, bad, right, or wrong, it made me feel a little better. Not because I belittled Ald. Shiller, but I felt better because at least now she's heard from me, which is more than I can say for her. Then again...I didn't say much of actual value, and neither does she, so we're even for now...(damn...did I just do it again?!?!)

    In hindsight, it got blown way out of proportion and I'll take the rap for it, again, despite the facts...at least the facts that I can attest to.

    My bad UU. (I like the fact that we are ALL Uptown Update...makes apologizing much simpler...and unless I've misunderstood BillyJoe's location of residency, that includes him too.)

    I promise to try to be more constructive with a posts should they continue to be allowed in the future.

    Please know, that I am not a troll...I'm into my 2nd year here in Uptown, & have experienced a little of everyone's complaints, as well as compliments to this neighborhood. That is why I live here now, and will continue to do so as long as can be reasonably expected. While I'm here though...I want to increase the amount of enjoyment I get from this area, as well as do what I can to decrease the negative stigma of Uptown to those who don't see its's true potential. Bringing about that change means helping people get fired up enough to make positive decisions regarding the direction in which this community has the capability to work towards. If I didn't think it were possible, I'd be at the bar drinking my whiskey, not giving a damn, instead of paying attention to what's really going on around me.

    Again...my bad...

    Just another TrainWreck...

  23. Now I understand. For a while I just didn't get it. Cars don't cause accidents, fences do.


  24. okey okey I did it, I couldn't get a date and was drunk out of my mind and I thought this was my house.