Monday, February 16, 2009

Uptown Update Blogger Revealed!!!

A reader writes in:

"As you know, Honey has never been very good at keeping a secret identity. (Who didn't know that was her in the Wonder Woman costume?) She tried to keep her blogging a secret because she was scared that she may get a "surprise" building inspector at her dog house. She can't afford a code violation given the current economy.

Well, she's decided it's best to finally "come out" as the mastermind behind Uptown Update. She doesn't want Helen and Peter wasting any more of our tax dollars on frivolous subpoenas. Honey is Uptown Update!!!

By the way, Cafe Press was very speedy with delivery, even with just the standard shipping."

That'll do, Honey. That'll do.


  1. Yea!! Honey is such a Fashionista!

    Hopefully she motivates all of the other Uptown residents who so proudly proclaimed they were Uptown Update in all of the comment sections to print their sign and order their t-shirt!

    Come on everyone--SHOW your support!

  2. Honey best watch out for that pit bull with lipstick on Broadway.

    Get her Honey!

  3. Hey, it wouldnt be Uptown Update if someone wasn't dressing his or her dog up in a costume and parading it around so others can take pictures.

    In other words, "How cute!"

  4. Who's playing the victim here and how are they playing the victim? Some of your accusations are so off base and have no supporting evidence.

    I think that Helen and Peter's frivolous subpoenas funded by tax payer dollars are just as ridiculous as a dog wearing a shirt saying "I am Uptown Update," that's why I bought it for Honey.

  5. UU is totally playing the victim in this circumstance. So much so that it makes me wonder about the lawyer who filed the subpoena and her/his playing into UU's desire to look victimized. "Oh, my property values are falling." "Shiller hates us and is targeting our businesses." UU is trying to market itself as this reactionist revolution to the terrible Shiller regime; that they are the ones really working for a just and diverse community and Shiller is the opposition to that.

  6. If anyone knows anything about playing victim it's Nathaniel. He's an expert on the tactic.

  7. Thanks for posting, Nathaniel! You ARE Uptown Update! Love you joining in. Have you put the sign up in the Catholic Worker house yet? If color ink is a capitalist plot, I'd be happy to drop a few off.

    See you at Caps tonight. Smooch, smooch.

  8. Honey ain't the only bitch here in Uptown apparently. [Can we publish that word, btw? I really do mean it in the most literal sense. I have a bitch myself. My vet talks about her bitches. Just imagining her saying that to me makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.]

  9. Natty,

    Just remember Boyo,

    "This Revolution Will Be Televised".

    As for Holsten's attorney playing into the hands of "the reactionaries", I sorta wonder the same thing.

    I'm not sure how Holsten and the whole TIF issue benefit by seemingly attacking "the reactionaries". The legal aspect is beyond me, the PR aspect isn't. Thank you Peter. Please follow up with some libel lawsuits and other attacks on the first amendment. Indirectly taxpayer funds are being used to go after taxpayers. How nice.

    Natty opposes police brutality. I wonder if he opposes the brutality of the state arguably using a private "contractor" to attempt to silence dissent. I used the word "contractor" to annoy Natty. Brings up thoughts of the Iraq War and all. Which annoys me now that I think about it.

    I mean who doesn't think that $400,000+ per unit subsidized housing highrises are a public benefit?

    How dare anyone question the dominant paradigm in this ward.

    Bloody reactionaries. Off with their heads!

  10. If someone with some artistic talent could take the CopWatch logo and turn it into a logo showing the current attack on the 1st amendment here that would be wunnerfull.

    Perhaps show Peter Holsten using a subpoena on some poor opponent's noggin.

    Yeah, that's the ticket.