Monday, February 16, 2009

New & Improved WAMA Website Up & Running

If you get a chance, check out the new & improved WAMA (Wilson Area Merchants Association) website. It's been totally revamped with info on local happenings and links to some great Wilson area businesses. There is even a "comment" feature, (and we know how you all love to comment). We updated the WAMA site in our useful links or you can visit


  1. Just wondering,

    I noticed that the only merchants listed are:
    Erik Hobbie (Web Development)
    Nick’s on Wilson
    Starbucks (on Wilson)
    The Godfather’s Pizza
    Unique So Chique
    Uptown Recording

    Why not Magnolia Cafe, 711, Subway, The Asian place (Forgot the name), etc.?

    Just wondering if there is a reason for it.

  2. I thought Alma Pita's was a WAMA member?

    I would think that AP's along with Magnolia Cafe would be involved.