Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Thank You For Your Support"

Thanks, Unique So Chique (and all of you "who are Uptown Update" as well). We appreciate your encouragement -- we couldn't have a better group of folks backing us up. Be sure to check out "Unique So Chique" at Wilson and Magnolia.


  1. What a wonderful place to have a book signing, I can't wait. Yum!

  2. Awesome! I saw this walking my dog - wanted to run in and say "Thanks!!!" But. like I said....I was walking my dog.

    Thank You for being one of the few small business owners who stands up to fight the good fight!!!

  3. This certainly explains all the plugs (that me and others have questioned) for Unique . . . . along with those for CREW and Wild Pug, where the Unique owner probably drinks.

  4. What I don't get, BJ, is why you're so intent on saying UU is only plugging business that are gay owned/operated or caters to a gay crowd? I think you think that there's some conspiracy or the velvet mafia is pulling all the strings in uptown between the local businesses and UU.

    I just did a survey of the front page of UU and there's a plug for Awake coffeeshop and the FWY fundraiser at In Fine Spirits. That's it, other than this post about USC saying that they are UU. And do you think if Rob Davis is really running UU, he'd post a huge sign on the front of his store? I don't think your conspiracy theory holds up at all. If there is a velvet mafia pulling all the strings, someone please let me know where to sign up!

    My theory is that BJ is homophobic and that's why he thinks it's "the gays." Watch out, BJ, we're recruiting in a neighborhood near you! One more recruit and I get my toaster oven!

  5. marathonman1977:

    Your "You're homophobic" canard is as outdated as the homosexual "clone" look (short cropped hair, mustache, and Polo shirt) from 1970s-80s Castro district in SF.

    It's as tiresome as a person of color pulling the "You're prejudiced" accusation, or a Jewish person accusing someone of being anti-Semitic, to gain an advantage in an argument.

  6. Where are they located? Please reference addresses when posting business - new to the area and don;t always know where these places are located. Thank you!

  7. billyjoe,

    I just have one thing to say, mind your own business. I am so tired of your rantings I could puke. You know nothing about what I do for this community or what it does for meand my business. This is just one of many free sources that local businesses in Uptown reach out to for a bit of advertising. If you constantly feel the need to criticize please feel free to stop by my store at 4600 N. Magnolia Ave. Suite C and we can talk face to face. I look forward to it.

    Robert Davis,
    Unique So Chique

  8. BJ simply has an unhealthy obsessione with all things gay. Unless, of course, he has evidence that other business in Uptown have been submitting pieces to promote their business to UU only to be ignored.

  9. Well, BJ, since you once called me a "f*g" on here, I feel pretty confident in calling you homophobic. I'd point you back to the comment but it was deleted by UU, I assume because it's hateful and prejudiced.

    I find it particularly ironic that you're trying to attack my argument by saying that it's outdated like a stereotypical looking gay. It shows how homophobic you have no cogent argument to show how you are not homophobic and furthermore you show your ignorance by spewing out more stereotypes.

    If you'd like to win this argument, give me some proof that UU is favortizing these organizations over others. So far, I've seen none.

  10. An Internet troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

    Does this sound a special someone we all know?

  11. "I am so tired of your rantings I could puke."

    Robert: The above is what I define "ranting," and your shoot-from-the-hip reference re "I could puke" also plays into stereotypes about tart-tongued and bitchy gay men.

    My remarks are merely "comments."

    But I do tend to visit your place sometime, and after I've established myself as a nice and reasonable customer, I'll reveal who I am to you.

  12. Thank you UNIQUE SO CHIQUE! I had NO idea you were involved with UU.

  13. Billy Joe,
    How do you know where the owner of Unique drinks? Or if he drinks at all? Your stereotypes are blasé and hypocritical.

    And here is some troll food for you … I don’t know why you have such an obsession with Unique So Chique, Crew and Wild Pug. You say it’s because you read about them on Uptown Update….well guess what, this blog is about UPTOWN, not Evanston. Uptown includes a few businesses. And on this blog you can read stories that reference many of the other businesses as well, though you don’t seem to have an issue if The Spot, Kahawa Coffee House, Awake Cafe, Hing Wang, Viet Bowl, Shake, Rattle & Read, Sarah’s Circle, Alternatives or prospective business Kuma’s Corner receive “free publicity” by being featured in a blog story on UU—ALL of which have in the past month (and I could list a lot more if I went back beyond a month).

    Which leads me to believe that you are indeed a homophobe … one with way too much time on his hands and selective memory.

  14. TJM:

    Speaking of "ranting" . . . .your post pretty much defines the word. Calm down when you get so excited.

    (At least Im not getting censored, which is what typically happens when I make a comment the persons controlling UU don't like.)

  15. Billyjoe,

    One more time!!! If and when you ever decide to actually come to my place of business, you will discover too that I am a genuinely nice person who has the best interest of the Uptown community at heart. Unlike you bj, who seems to do nothing more than try and stir peoples emotions and wreak havoc on this blog site.

    Here is a thought!! Rather than come into my place of business as a regular customer and then reveal yourself, reveal yourself the moment you walk in my door. That way we can sit down and have a nice discussion over a cup of tea maybe? I am not hiding my true indentity. I am a gay man, with a small tea shop in Uptown. There it is!!

    Also, how do you feel that my comment about "I could puke" is a shoot-from-the-hip remark that plays into stereotypes about tart-tongued bitch gay men? You have made it so blatantly obvious that it is you who is stereotyping. I know many non-gay-friends who use the expression "I could puke".

    I am not suggesting that you are a homophobe as others have done. So, once again, if you are truly not what people see you as, then come by and let's chat. You should have nothing to worry about, right??

    I will not respond to any more of your comments on this site. Until we meet Billyjoe.

    Robert Davis

  16. How about no one responding to Billyjoe so he doesn't hijack any more threads?

    That's his goal, just to inflame and take the discussion away from the topic at hand. Remember when he was Racist BillyJoe and his comments got deleted (not censored -- look it up, bj) as soon as he posted?

    Well, that didn't work out for him, so now he's Anita Bryant/BillyJoe, gay-baiting.

    Just ignore him. He's a troll.

  17. Leave it to our billyjoe to troll-jack a thread by making softly negative and/or ambiguously bigoted remarks, then acting surprised and innocently offended when multiple people call him out on it.

    Give it a rest, trollboy. Your predictable antics are quite tiresome.

  18. Billy Joel is going to Unique to reveal himself? Uh ohh.....

  19. So much for ceasing the gay stereotyping, eh, Jason?

  20. So much for ceasing the trolling, eh, billyjoe?

  21. Geez it was a joke! A play on word! Loosen up people....

  22. Resident:

    Your anger toward me is rather amusing to contemplate.

  23. billyjoe:

    Your synthetic, nonchalant and dismissive demeanor is rather amusing to contemplate, considering you're the head troll around here.

    As I stated earlier, your provocative little games are tired and formulaic. Please get some new material.

    That said, be sure to respond with your standard tone of smug disbelief.

  24. I love Unique So Chic!