Sunday, February 8, 2009

James Cappleman Book Signing This Thursday

A note from James Cappleman:

"My book got published last year and enough people have been kicking me to finally get a book signing done. [The event will be at Unique So Chique on Thursday, February 12, between 7 and 8pm].

The bulk of the proceeds go toward Annie's Legacy, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering women with a history of abuse. Annie's Legacy was started by a friend of mine after I encouraged her to follow her dreams, so she created this organization. I now serve on their board of directors.

Anyway, the price is good and it should be a fun event."

So stop by and meet James this Thursday.


  1. You need to offer a new t-shirt design for sale.

    I am Uptown Update!

    I think it might catch on.

  2. Well before I go out to walk my dogs Pellen and Heter I would like to offer a T-Shirt design suggestion.

    Actually more of a sweatshirt as I don't wear T-Shirts because of the size of my belly.

    "Proud Member of Helen Shiller's Enemies List"