Friday, February 27, 2009

New Marketers For Leland On The Park

Hey there UU,

Just wanted to let your readers know that my group has taken over the marketing for this building. It's a fantastic building and the developers have done a great job renovating it. We have one beds, two bed one baths, and two bed two bath duplexs. I've done a cheesy video tour that can be viewed on the website, Any questions let me know! We are open every Sunday from 12pm - 2pm. Everyone is welcome by. Here is a link to the video


Brandon Vejseli
The Collazo Group of Koenig & Strey
1940 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614
P 312.602.6422


  1. First you shill for the Girl Scouts and now realtors. You gonna get some free cookies and a condo discount?

    Both groups are trying to destroy our neighborhood.

    I'm just making an argument here folks. Sarcasm

  2. I'm just making an argument here folks. Sarcasm

    Thanks for the clarification, IP. For a moment I thought your IP was actually a pseudonym for St. Helen.