Friday, February 6, 2009

Holsten's Subpoena Requests Continue To Draw Attention

With the news that BPN and UNC have also been served subpoenas by Peter Holsten's attorneys in the case of Fix Wilson Yard et al. v. City of Chicago et al., the reactions just keep coming....

Just added:

- Chicago News Bench: "Chicago Tribune Rehashes Google Subpoena Story, Offers Nothing New"

- Sheboygan Shenanigans: "Gov’t Bullying and Intimidation in Chicago Due to TIF Abuse"

- Are Bloggers' First Amendment Rights in Violation?

- - - -

- Marathon Pundit: "Wilson Yard Subpoenas Update"

- Instapundit: "Chicago Bloggers Threatened"

- The Jawa Report: "Chicago Bloggers Threatened"

- Chicago News Bench: "Big Media Missing Google Subpoena Story in Chicago"

- Gapers Block: "Holsten Subpoenas Two Uptown Orgs"

- Citizen Media Law Project: "Chicago Developer Shovels Out Subpoenas by the Bucketful Over Wilson Yard Redevelopment"

- Flying Debris: "Chicago Bloggers Threatened!"

- News-Star Editorial: "Lucy, Ethel and Gladys"


  1. Regarding the Lucy & Ethel defamation scenario...

    Is that why someone gets on the blog periodically only to say that Helen Shiller is a sociopath? Everyone in the thread usually ignores the comment because the person usually makes that one comment and nothing else. Now I wonder...

  2. What can Chicago Bloggers do to help and show our support?

  3. Irish Pirate and Chuck made interesting comments in the threads below. It sounds like they are half-seriously thinking about putting some anti-Wilson Yard and anti-Shiller items on their blogs so as to get rounded up too. If the argument is that these blogs are defaming Holsten and Shiller and that the attorneys need to get to the bottom of who is behind this defamation, they should have an exhaustive list, no? Otherwise, they would be unfairly targeting some bloggers when others had committed the same "offense."

    But I wonder the same thing, Publia, so I would like to hear what other things people can do besides the obvious: donate to FWY and the EFF.

  4. I have been thinking about starting a anti shiller website

  5. The EFF always steps in with a crew of very young lawyers, doesn't do too much, then looks for money, so no $$ to them. I am thinking far more about promoting awareness with badges on our blogs, articles etc. to stop this heinous practice in its tracks. Let's not let our fellow bloggers hang separately.

  6. Why not take the "I am Uptown Update" image that SOMH generated and using that as a tagged image on your site(s), which links back to the UU post?

  7. Publia, is the quote on your info page yours or from someone else? Its awesome.

  8. Sassy, I found the link below extremely interesting and educational.

    I'll let you decide if the recurring posts are somoene's genuine opinion or a blog troll trying to get Uptown Update's owner outed or hauled into court. Maybe it's neither? Hmmm...

    Profile of the Sociopath

  9. Marathon Pundit posted an update on this, as well.


  10. Keep sending the stories and links around.

    Become an active part of the "conspiracy".

    The more attention this gets the more likely it is to backfire on the Daleys, Shillers, and Holstens of this city.

    Remember sunlight is a great disinfectant. Spread the word.

    Apparently Holsten and his attorney are not familiar with an old military saying "once you yank the pin, Mister Grenade is no longer your friend."

  11. On the bright side, it could be worse: "A criminal court in Tehran sentenced 4 bloggers to a total of 8.5 years of prison terms ‎and 124 lashes. Bloggers Javad Gholam Tamimi, Shahram Rafizadeh, Rouzbeh Mir ‎Ebrahimi and Omid Memarian received the sentences four years after their release on ‎bail.‎"

    Not to give anybody any ideas.

  12. Well, it's been over 24 hours since I posted about Fix Wilson Yard on my blog and I've gotten no identity requests or suggestions to remove it from the Anti-American local Chicago government or it's lackeys. I'll let you know when I do.

  13. I'm an astrologer in zipcode 60640 with a long term hard core political jones -- i'm pretty sure shiller is an aquarian, i dont know the day year time and city/state which would be helpful -- i personally believe that anyone who campaigns for public office is ethically obligated to publish their birth certificate -- some of these guys are not from this planet.

    if anyone knows shiller well enough to rat her out in this respect kindly post the info.