Friday, February 13, 2009

"Good Neighbor" Opportunity

The News-Star has a fine common-sense editorial this week about affordable housing credits and a proposed ordinance that would prohibit bad landlords from receiving funds through the Low Income Housing Trust Fund. We recommend everyone take a look at it.

Tucked in at the bottom is this opportunity to be a Good Samaritan:

[T]here are about 20 residents living at 5718 N. Winthrop who could use some help moving at the end of this month. Many of them, we are told, have worldly belongings that can be moved in a carload or two. If you're a high school or college student looking to fulfill some community service hours, or are someone who has a few hours to give on a Saturday morning, please contact the 48th Ward Service Office at 773-784-5277. Some cardboard boxes would be nice, too.


  1. 5718 Winthrop? I use to live there a long time ago. Back then it was a pretty nice building. Recycling bins, a place to bring unwanted shoes and clothing that other people might be able to use, an on-premises manager who was pretty good about fixing stuff (a hippieish dude when I first got there but nice) and - surprise! - it was a Holsten managed building. It started to go downhill when they got new management: a decline in the screening process for tenants (I left with a guy moved in next door with a pit bull clearly disregarding the "no dogs" part of the lease and building management said nothing). I wonder what happened that 20 people have to move at the end of the month. Going to assume the building has been sold and maybe converted into condos or something?

  2. MotS -- the people are moving out of that building due to poor management, into well-managed housing. Read the Circle Management post from a couple days ago.

  3. Caring... thanks for the tip. wow, that place really went downhill. I mean it wasn't a palace when I lived there but it was relatively clean considering. not a huge pest problem then. Guess I got out just in time. And yeah, it was the thug element that finally convinced me. MOre and more questionable characters started hanging in the building and the front glass door was broken more than a few times by people trying to get in for whatever reason and couldn't find anyone to buzz them in.