Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh Harvest Market Grand Opening This Weekend

A reader writes: "I just saw from my balcony that the Fresh Harvest Market will have its grand opening on Saturday, February 28th. Open from 7a-9p. The sign outside my living room window touts the freshest produce and a coffee bar! I have witnessed the renovations since September and I am really excited to have this market open.

Please post something about this in hopes that your readers will stop by and visit the new market! The Market is just south of the Leland/Sheridan intersection at 4650 N Sheridan."


  1. Best of luck to this new business!!! We've been wanting something like this for a long time.
    Please welcome them and support them!

  2. Any reports from people who checked out the grand opening?

  3. We just stopped by and the official opening is next Friday. That said, a gentleman (I think he was the owner) let us in for a sneak peak...WOW!!
    Great addition to Uptown, full olive bar, salad bar, meat, deli, seafood, milk, cheese, pasta, pasta sauces etc....This is going to be a great addition if they can keep the goods fresh!! It reminded me of Dominick's on Clybourn but much smaller. Welcome Fresh Harvest!!

  4. We also live across the street and have been anticipating this store opening. We stopped in today and although the place is not finished, it is BEAUTIFUL. It is almost like a mini Whole Foods. The owner said that they had an issue with a broken pipe and it should be fully operational next week. Please everyone, make it a point to shop here and help this business to survive!!

  5. The store is AWESOME. Everything is now complete except for the soup bar. Congrats to the owners on the construction and the planning. It is so awesome to have a full service market on the more driving to the Jewel. The only negative is that it's going to get discovered and no more having the store all to ourselves :).