Thursday, February 26, 2009

'About Face Theatre' Needs Your Support

"About Face Theatre," one of Chicago's premier LGBTQ institutions, is in danger of closing. Their performances are held at the Center on Halsted but their offices are located at 1222 W. Wilson, just above Magnolia Cafe. Check out their website to get showtimes and tickets, or to donate to their "Face the Future" campaign.


  1. DO NOT SUPPORT these people. I work for a printing company and offered to cut their print purchasing by 25% and the women who handles it (we will leave names out) said that they were not interested in saving money. That was 2 months ago.

  2. Dear whatwhat,
    I am the person who helps make decisions for About Face regarding printing as the marketing director. I don't recall your offer, but would be delighted to talk with you about it. As you might imagine, we get lots of offers from printers like yours, but often have to print with which offers 5,000 full color postcards printed on both sides for less than $300.
    As a small and struggling theatre company, we are very aware of which vendors will give us the lowest prices and can rarely make our decisions based on either who we would like to work with or the quality of the work. Most decisions when it comes to printing are just about price.
    So, in short, if you can, please support us by not posting mean things because we had to go with a cheaper printer. We're just doing our best over here to hold our own.
    If you'd like to contact me directly, please do so at
    Mollie Alexander Speer
    Marketing and Development Director
    About Face Theatre

  3. Thanks for clarifying the situation Mollie...
    We encourage our readers to support "About Face" and donate if you can.

  4. I just sent a check. I feel very strongly about both the mission of this theatre, the excellent productions I have witnessed in the past, and their youth theatre.
    Storefront theatre in this town is one of the things that make Chicago great. I often hear it mentioned by people not living in Chicago (that, and our crooked politicians). It's vibrant, insanely creative and happens just about anywhere anyone can put on a show (basements, garages, street corners, swimming pools, etc.). I can't speak for AF's finances, but recognize that in a recession one of the first things to go is would-be donor contributions.
    Everyone's tightening their belts. No one's sure what's coming next. I get that. Seeing this theatre fold, after 14 years of illuminating performances (um, Take Me Out??) would be a damn shame. Bailiwick's gone. Must About Face go too?