Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chi-Town Daily News: "Truman Construction Proceeding On Schedule"

According to the Chi-Town Daily News, a "temporary shortage in state funding" is unlikely to affect the construction of Truman's parking garage/administration center, and bonds will be sold to pay late fees due the contractors.

Clifton Daniel, the spokesman for Truman College, says construction is proceeding on schedule, even though it doesn’t appear to the passerby that much work is being done. "As far as we know we’re on track," Daniel says.

Read the entire article here.


  1. "As far as we know we’re on track,"

    Classic! He must have learned how to speak by reading statements from the Boeing 787 Project Manager.

    Expect a "We're delayed 6 months due to supplier issues..." statement soon!

  2. February 7th, UU posts "Where's The Construction On The Parking Garage?" regarding Truman.

    February 10th, Chi-Town posts an article addressing just that.

    Additionally (per the article), Truman is now posting daily updates regarding this TIF funded project (which begin on 2/10).

    In short: awesome!

    No wonder Helston wants to know who's behind UU, they're growing in effectiveness and are able to spark action.

    And remember, in any good socialistic dictatorship (be it on a national or piss-ant ward level), power is generated via the control of information.

    An uncontrolled source of information does not work to the benefit of Helen Chavez, and causes much consternation.

    Again: awesome.

    I wonder who called who, though ...?

    Did Chi-Town call Truman, or did Truman realize that by seemingly dragging their heels on a TIF funded project for a public institution (gr!), public opinion would be adversely affected by a local blog and therefore they reached out?