Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brendan Shiller Sues 23rd District Police Officer

Suite 1310 at 36 North Wabash is a rocking place when it comes to handling 46th Ward business:

- Thomas Johnson represents Peter Holsten in the case of Wilson Yard.

- Johnson, Jones, Snelling, Gilbert & Davis sent out the very mysterious, ever-changing notices about the McJunkin Building being rezoned for "commercial housing" (a phrase which has no legal definition).

- CCDC (Chicago Community Development Corporation) received almost $1,000,000 in Wilson Yard TIF funds to renovate three affordable housing buildings in Uptown.

- And now Brendan Shiller is suing a 23rd District police officer in two separate cases, alleging him of falsifying DUI records, "manhandling" citizens, and using anti-gay references during arrests.

We wonder if this busy beehive of activity will be moving to the "small business incubator" at Wilson Yard (should it ever be built). Because an awful lot of our TIF dollars are already going to the folks inside this place.

(As the mother of the attorney suing the cops in the district she represents, we wonder how Ald. Shiller will be received at the next CAPS meeting she attends.)


  1. I swear to god with the likes of Helen, Brendan, "Copwatch", Gangs, and Crackheads we are lucky the police even make an effort in Uptown.

    Seriously I hope someone steps forward soon and announces they are running against her. I feel like donating.

  2. If we have an ordinance that states that construction may not start until 8 a.m., why is nothing done about Walsh construction making the racket from hell at the WY site at 6 a.m.?

    Why are the rights of residents being disregarded so blatantly?

    What can we residents realistically do about it (other than getting decent, honest leadership in this ward)?

  3. If the money in the WILSON YARD TIF is designated for WILSON YARD, why is money being siphoned off to pay for renovation of 3 other buildings NOT located on the site? Helen's own private slush fund at work!!!!!

  4. this guy has a long long history of suing -never winning- on grounds of discrimination. He and Bendan are a match made in heaven

  5. keeping Uptown safe for drunk drivers

  6. Guess since the real estate thing didn't work out, Brendan's got a new gig suing cops and defending terrorists.

    WhatEVER will he do when Mommy's out of office and he doesn't get table scraps anymore?

  7. You are all going to get subpoenaed.

    Now if I were to get subpoenaed I would make sure my attorney, Dr. I.M. Kookie JD LLM, subpoenaed Brendan Shiller to ask him under oath if he had any conversations with Holsten's attorney regarding the Uptown Update/FWY et all subpoenas.

    Of course Mama Shiller would have to put under oath also. Is Brendan annoyed this blog mentioned the fact that he got a real estate broker's license in 2007?

    Bdm Realty, 4554 N Broadway St, Chicago, Brendan Shiller

    This was found at the state website for the agency that regulates real estate agents.
    Public Address N/A

    Mail Address N/A

    License and Registration Information
    License Type Issue Date Expiration Date Status Reason Disciplined
    Licensed Real Estate Broker 05/02/2007 04/30/2008 ACTIVE UNCONDITIONAL Ever Disciplined - No

    Peter Holsten might even get subpoenaed. Why it might be interesting to ask Peter under oath how he came about hiring his current FWY lawsuit attorney and whether there had been discussions of using the services of now former real estate broker Brendan Shiller regarding any leasing or other real estate issues involving Holsten's myriad projects. Of course perhaps an attorney might even ask Peter if he has used the services of Brendan Shiller related to any legal issues....directly or indirectly.

    I'm just saying...........

    Some people might think it corrupt, although not necessarily illegal, to utilize the services of an Alderman's son when you are doing a multi million dollar government assisted project in said Alderman's ward.

    I wouldn't think it was bad. I would just want to bring it into the light. To paraphrase the first Mayor Daley "if you can't take care of your son's you can kiss my ass" when he was questioned about city insurance business going to companies his sons worked at.

    To whom it may concern:

    By the way please remember to include me in any future subpoenas or potential libel lawsuits. I'd hate to be left out. Since I'm clearly a moron I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to defeat me in court and take my evil condo from me.

  8. Why or why has no main stream media outlet looked into this incestuous relationship?

  9. we wonder how Ald. Shiller will be received at the next CAPS meeting she attends

    Oh, hell ... that was funny.

  10. Oh, and ...

    why is nothing done about Walsh construction making the racket from hell at the WY site at 6 a.m.?

    What other projects has Walsh Construction been tied to?

    - Dan Ryan Expressway
    - O'Hare
    - Michigan Avenue Riverwalk

    ... actually, maybe the easier question to answer would be, which of Daley's projects ISN'T Walsh involved with (projects to include campaign funding)?

  11. At a recent neighborhood meeting about the construction of a new school on a residential block, the project manager from the Public Building Commission was asked by a neighbor during Q&A what the permitted hours of construction were, he said he didn't know!

  12. Ok,

    let me get this straight now.

    The cop and city are being sued partially for "manhandling" a suspect.

    Isn't the Manhandler a bar on Halsted? Brendan Shiller has represented bars in the ward for city related issues. Is there a connection?

    Chip, didn't the young North Side Republican organization have their November election party at the Manhandler? Wasn't it a costume party where everyone came as Sarah Palin? Is it not true that you, Chip Douglas, won the trophy for best "knock me down" pumps?

    Inquiring pirates wanna know.

    As for the merits of the actual case here I have no idea.

    Since the Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit recently shot down the argument Brendan Shiller made in the Boim terrorism case I would not hold my breath if I were his client expecting a big victory. The link is a PDF file folks so you are warned.

    Regarding that case Brendan Shiller was quoted as saying:

    "Attorney Brendan Shiller, representing the Islamic Association for Palestine, said the judge's decision "dangerously stretches theories of liabilities so you no longer have to prove cause and effect."

    I wonder if that idea of dangerously stretching theories of liabilities could be used trying to toss out certain subpoenas I recall reading about regarding Fix Wilson Yard.

    As Chip or Sarah Palin might say:
    "you betcha".

  13. This is nuts. It's like a bad Yellow Pages ad:

    "So you want to sue the City of Chicago Police? Call the son of a City of Chicago Alderman! Let Junior stick it to his mom's employer for you."

  14. Follow this:

    Drop down menu: Law

    Defendent: Shiller

    Someone named Donald Parillo is suing hime for $50,000

  15. The plaintiff in that suit is one Donald Parillo. In one case he was referred to by the 7th District Court of Appeals as a person who frequently files "frivolous lawsuits".

    Here is a link available online:

    I ran the name through a specific law database, not generally available, and Mr Parillo seems to enjoy filing suits.

    I'd take that into account before making any judgment regarding this suit and Brendan Shiller.

    Perhaps what goes around comes around if you think Shiller may have filed a few such questionable lawsuits on behalf of clients.

    I would NEVER suggest something like that. I might get subpoenaed.

  16. "we wonder how Ald. Shiller will be received at the next CAPS meeting she attends"

    Hopefully, the police, and maybe even the citizens someday, will be happy that there is a system in place to make sure police are following correct procedure and not stepping on the rights of citizens...even though, as we all know, corrupt government officials cannot break through the righteous forcefield around Chicago.