Saturday, February 21, 2009

Breaking News: Sheridan/Lake Shore Drive Area

A reader writes in: "Something big just happened on LSD; not sure what yet. CTA was notified to re-route busses on North and southbound LSD at Sheridan. Sheridan is being closed as well at LSD. Police are closing down all traffic North and Southbound at 3900 LSD. Fire Department is on the way."

Update: "Weiss, St. Joe's and Trinity Hospitals have been put on bypass, for emergencies. Sounds like there's a major fire on the 16th floor of the building at 3950 LSD (at Irving Park)."

Update 2: "Fire is out but lots of smoke, Northbound LSD re-opened, southbound will re-open shortly."


  1. I have never heard so many sirens go by. It was constant, I could hear them coming all the way down irving park, down and up broadway. That was nuts, I hope no one got hurt.

  2. Just spoke with a friend who lives in the building. There was a fire in the garbage chute of the north-most tower, not sure if it was the front of the building or the rear section; each tower is divided into two sections. There was quite a bit of smoke but no injuries that they know of. Everything is back to normal.