Monday, January 26, 2009

Stuck In The Middle With You

A reader sent in these photos. Brrr! "Saw this scene at the end of my block. It's at Lakeside Place and Clarendon, in front of the Walgreens. Not sure exactly what happened, must have been a water pipe break of some sort, but I have no idea what these car owners are going to do. Spring is a long time away!"


  1. The amount of snow on them would suggest they haven't moved since the last storm.

    Maybe the owners just got a good excuse to enjoy their spot.

  2. I spent 2 hours yesterday with a hammer chipping away the ice around my tires. I had parked on some fairly loose snow that melted then froze into blocks of ice.

    Plastic shovel: $20

    Hammer: $15

    Amount of explitives I shouted at the sky in anger while around 15 people walked by and ignored my plight: PRICELESS!

    Seriously folks, if you see someone trying to get their car out of a spot, FU**ING HELP THEM!!!!!

    The other day as I was walking home a couple of people were helping this girl with her car. I felt if I didn't give em a few min or so of time to help It would be incredibly douche-bagish of me. Three guys pushing a car has amazing results!

    I am sick an tired of this selfishness most humans posses. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to get my car out and if a couple people had helped me I probably would have gotten it out in 3/4 the time. Seriously 15 or so people walked by me, looked at me, understood my issue, and walked on by without saying one word. Unbelievable! Of course I probably looked crazy holding a hammer and yelling out some of my favorite words but come on.

    I recently witnessed a truly high level of stupidity a couple of days ago. I just got out of the shower and heard this endless honking. I looked out the window and could see a car at the intersection followed by 2 other cars. Now it took me 2 seconds to realize the first car had stalled and would not start, so either the 2 cars behind him were stupid or just assholes. They spent more time honking and yelling then it would have taken to get out and help push the car out of the way. AMAZING! Some guys walking by helped push the car out of the way while the car behind him, with 2 other passengers, chose to roll down the window and yell something unpleasant at the guys with the stalled car as they drove off.

    People like that should be neutered!

    You would think there would be a company that specializes in removing cars from a river of ice without damaging the vehicle, unlike I did with my car. I now have my first flat on a car I've owned for 6+ years.

  3. Butternut: I've got 12 cars assisted getting out the snow. Half of them offered me a lift to where I was going.

    A little self sacrifice of time to help someone will pay off at the time of the labor.

  4. Blogger lost my first comment...


    Like you, I respect neighbors helping neighbors. I try to help my neighbors when I can, and I always appreciate any help I receive. Had I seen you struggling, I would have helped you. That being said, I don't realistically expect to receive any help. Most people have their own problems to attend to, and if someone is outside in 10 degree weather, chances are they have a destination in mind and aren't just looking for something to do.

    I don't want to criticize you personally, as I do understand the frustration of working alone on massive amounts of snow, but in general the driving and parking in the snow up here is getting ridiculous.

    The cabbies are about the most worthless drivers in the city. They don't give a shit about whose car they hit or scrape, and they will do anything but pick up a shovel to get in or out of a parking space. I even saw a group of cabbies trying to push a cab out of a parking space after flooring it 15 or 20 times didn't work.

    This is just pure laziness. Take a shovel and put it to work. Its the best way in our out of a space.

    Since the last snowfall back around the 12th I think, I have shoveled out 3 spaces for my car. I have not once tried to call dibs on a space, however I can sure as hell see why. If everyone, or even if half of the people, would take the time to shovel out their space the problem would be so much better. The more pavement exposed, the more the sun can do its work and melt the snow...unless its just too damn cold.

    Anyhow, I don't mind helping anyone. I'll even let a cabbie borrow my shovel. What I don't like though is laziness. Shovel out your car after the snow even if you don't have to go anywhere. Throw the snow into the road so that the plows and salt trucks can hit it as well as other motorists can run over it aiding the melting process.

    Its not that hard, its good exercise, and you never know when you might need your car.