Monday, January 19, 2009

New Restaurant Eyeing Uptown

UU Note: If you want Kuma's to locate in Uptown, click here and send them an email.

From Chicagoist:

After turning down offers to venture out to Vegas, Kuma's Corner owner Mike Cain told Time Out Chicago that he does have expansion on the brain. In addition to bringing Kuma's winning blend of minor chord metal and gourmet burgers to other working class towns, Cain is planning a second Kuma's location specializing in Southern cuisine.

"I have this guy here, a cook, Dan, and he’s really awesome at making Southern food... (s)o that’s next. We’re gonna do barbecue, fried chicken, greens, that kind of thing. And come May, there’ll be plenty of empty spots so I’m just keeping my eyes open for the right one. I’ll know it when I see it."

TOC's Heather Shouse says that Cain is eyeing Uptown and Roger's Park as prospective locations for the future Kuma's South, but we think that, given the bees-to-honey drawing power of the Kuma's name, they could set it up in any number of neighborhoods and have folks waiting in line for a couple hours.


  1. Dear Kuma's ownership!!!


    We roll over to your Logan Square digs a couple time a summer to enjoy a tasty burger (and a few more beverages). If you came to Uptown - it would complete me :)

    This is grrrrrreat news!!!

  2. If you want Kuma's to open a location in Uptown, click on Contact Us on their website and send them an email. Lord knows we have enough vacant storefronts ripe for development.

  3. Wow this is great news. I wonder if the Uptown Broadway Building is enough space for them or what about the recently closed Tom Seay Center at Broadway and Sunnyside. That is a beautiful building!

  4. I represent The Uptown Broadway Building and we have 2300sq.ft. of retail space that would make for a perfect restaurant/bar with sidewalk patio. I have contacted Kuma's and if anyone has any ideas regarding the Uptown Broadway Building, please contact me

  5. Check out Kuma's menu..
    "make your own mac-n-cheese."

  6. Must've been reading my mind - I was thinking of Kuma's this weekend. PLEASE PLEASE come to Uptown!

  7. My god I love this place. Even Rogers Park would be okay... but it'd be fantastic for Uptown. Kuma's is such a draw.

  8. I'm no geography major but how could a location in Uptown or Rogers Park be considered "Kuma's South"? or are they only referring to the style of cooking they propose?

  9. According to the Time Out article, we're talking food style.

    "But first, look for Kuma’s South, right here in Chicago. And before the name tricks you into picturing a Kuma’s sibling in Bridgeport or Pilsen, the name references the food, not the location (for what it’s worth, Cain says he’s looking at Rogers Park and Uptown as possibilities)."

  10. I actually dropped my coffee when I read this. AWESOME! I love Kuma's. Another great, character rich addition to Uptown.

    WOO HOO!!!

  11. Uptown, but where?

    I'd start with 4700N Broadway.

    If Kuma's locates to the 46th Ward it will be a miracle.

  12. Picture it: Many venues, several genres, one street-Broadway, the home of north side live music. ooohhh i'm salivating.

  13. I think Obama should open up a restaurant in this building.
    The Shiller gang would be rounded up in no time, by the secret service.