Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Break-In At Clark & Montrose?

A reader writes in:
"We were driving past Umaiya (near Clark and Montrose) Sunday night and noticed that their front door was boarded up. Wondering if you have heard anything about it?"


  1. I am sorry this is off-topic but the Tribune is soliciting nominations for the best blogs of Chicago. Here is the link:

    "Chicago's Best Blogs"

    I'll bet you can't guess who I nominated! :)

    PS: Sorry about this business and how they may have been the victim of yet another store break-in. It's terrible.

  2. Thanks, Sassy. Got it posted on the main page now.

  3. Isn't this actually located on Montrose just west of Ashland?

  4. I talked to the owner and it was vandalism as was the breakin at Tizal Cafe. The address is 1605 Montrose, west of Ashland.